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Pearl and the Baby Crystal Gems!

I read this post, and also saw quite a few awesome and funny drawings representing Pearl towering the child-sized Gems, but whenever I think of the situation for some reason I can’t stop picturing Pearl taking care of actual Gem children.

So much chaos for her to handle, Amethyst probably made a mess in the kitchen, they even knocked over a vase and Ruby took the hit for baby Steven.

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Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

Person A plays an instrument and is pretty good at it. Through an acccident, they injure their hand and can’t play anymore. Maybe never again. Person B comforts them as much as possible, but can’t really do anything. One day, person B receives a video by person A, which shows them playing again, highly concentrated but happy and person B is so proud of them.


Heeey, you’re not as dumb as you look!

Part 7!

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I recall getting an ask a while back about drawing Tadashi with wings but I went the extra mile and drew Hiro (with a bonus Gogo+Wasabi in the bg) too. SO WingAU is a thing I guess idk (blame b1ueflame for this too as I mentioned on twitter)

Hiro’s a hummingbird and is pretty much constantly eating sweets (he has a pouch on the back of his belt for sweet storage, actually), and he doesn’t have fully developed wings yet since he’s still young, so he can’t fly as far or as fast as everyone else can. Tadashi being a swan, he’s extremely protective over Hiro and will literally bash people in the face with his wings if someone tries to pick on the little guy. He’s also spoiled Hiro a heck of a lot by constantly carrying him around whenever he gets tired.

Wasabi’s a golden eagle, Gogo is a falcon, Fred’s a pelican, and Honey’s a crane. So yeah. Wings /wiggles fingers

bonus because “does this mean baymax has wings too”: