what “social justice” should be:

  • spreading awareness of issues affecting specific groups of people in society

what “social justice” somehow ended up being:

  • shaming or generalizing anyone who has a different opinion than you
  • calling people “scum” and telling them to “go die”
  • calling people uneducated, then refusing to educate them
  • acting like a self-righteous “moral authority” and expecting people to praise you up for it
  • having a bitter, angry outlook on the world
  • looking for “casual-‘isms’” in insignificant everyday things
  • nitpicking the media to find ridiculous new reasons to be offended
  • invalidating someone else’s negative experiences on the basis of “privilege”
  • playing “Oppression Olympics”
  • claiming to be against discrimination, then continuing to discriminate others
  • claiming to speak for specific people who never actually wanted your help in the first place
  • misc. hypocrisy/bigotry
The Final Sequence
  • The Final Sequence
  • OBC: Sweeney Todd
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Opening Night Audio Recording - March 1, 1979)

The Final Sequence from Sweeney Todd: Opening Night (March 1, 1979)

This is just perfect. Hearing audience members openly sob during this is the coolest thing. I’ve said before if I had a time machine, this would be one of the first places I would go.

Amazing stuff.