Last week

Woo, nearly caught up!

Last week was pretty hectic – in addition to the usual teaching 4-7 at Isara government schools are now open again I went to Ban Nong Jang with two other volunteers on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am until 11am. (will give this it’s own post with all the photos). On Wednesday Ryan, Mariana, and myself went to Teacher Dave’s school (7am pickup) to observe his classes, we got back to Isara just in time to teach! Here are the highlights from my blog on the Isara sight about the trip:

Wether you have teaching experience or not, this is a great way to see the same methods used at Isara for reading, and if you are going to a government school it will give you a feel for larger classes than at Isara. (It is a private school though so can’t be compared too directly to government schools).

Now, leaving Isara at 7am makes for a long day since you get home around 3:30 and have to teach Isara kids 4:15-7:00pm. But what you can take away from it makes it so worth while. If nothing else, it gave me an appreciation for how easy I have it with the kids here :)


Babble #3

Ok, so we are up to the end of October…

Tuesday 30th of October we took a bus to Phon Phisai to see the Naga Fireball festival. I’ve already mentioned this in an earlier post with all the pictures, so scroll yo’ ass down the page!

Wednesday 31st we returned to Isara and celebrated Halloween! There were no lessons, just games and face painting and fun and food :) As above, there is a link to the flickr photoset a few posts back.

Friday 2nd November we celebrated Trish and Laurices’ birthdays at Gaia, and it was also the last weekend for Lisa, Julie, and Mariana :(