Who will triumph?!?



This video deserves way more attention. A joint made by Frank and SJ8.

In over 2 years of being uploaded, a video like this really should have more then 500 views :c

Good news, the 64 player entry cap for SCV and TTT2 at Summer Jam 8 has been extended!

If you haven’t already, be sure to preregister for Summer Jam 8 in Philadelphia, PA and sign up for Soulcalibur V!

Check out the tournament rules and list of streams that will be available during the event. 

More info about the entire event can be found here. For updates, visit the tournament thread on 8WayRun!

I didn’t post this here, but these are my next 5 cosplays (as tagged by the tru mvp otakuhimesama)

2 are for Matsuri, the others are for SJ8!

  • Fnatic Janna
  • Godoka
  • Kagamine Rin [The Wolf that fell in Love with Little Red Riding Hood Vers. with the bae Hoshi as Len]
  • Neo from Rwby Vol 2
  • Debonair Caitlyn [concept fanart, but idgaf i luv my fav adc, just don’t tell Ashe and Sivir]