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Top 5 songs that make you cry? =x (sorry for the depressing question) Or you can go the other way around, top 5 songs that make you wanna dance? XD (you asked for it 20 more coming right up lol)

Ill do both ^^ First, top 5 songs that make me cry:

1. Yesung - It Has To Be You (His voice is too overwhelmingly beautiful ;; )

2. Sungmin - For Tomorrow (Such a pretty song)

3. SJ M - Blue Tomorrow (The entire ELF fandom is with me am I right)

4. SJ D&E Growing Pains (I have a personal connection to that song that makes me tear up every time)

5. SJ - Only U (Leeteuk’s going away song :’( I remember the first time I heard it my heart broke )

6. SJ- Mid-season (I couldn’t help putting 6. This song just….wow)

Okay, Top 5 that make me want to dance:

1. SJ D&E - Can You Feel It (Don’t even need to explain)

2. SJ Happy - Cooking Cooking (This song is so underrated, seriously)

3. SJ T - Rokkugo (Makes me want to rave LOL)

4. SJ Happy - Pajama Party ^^ (SJ H songs are the best tbh)

5. SJ - Outsider (WAY TOO UNDERRATED!!! So addictive)

[121211 Asia Super Showcase- Dating Question; Kyumin Kyuhae Eunhae]

The MC asked that if they were girls, which member they would choose to date.

Sungmin: Kyuhyun, of course! We’re roommates!
Kyuhyun: As for me, (Sungmin keeps pointing at himself) Sung… No! We’re choosing who to date and not to marry right? If to choose someone to date, it’d be Donghae, he’s very romantic. But he’s definitely not ok to marry. (Fans screaming Eunhae) Donghae with Eunhyuk!! (Then Kyuhyun shoves Donghae at Eunhyuk, and then pulls Sungmin to the side, and both of them watch Eunhae)

cr: RUI伊密达
translated by @kikiikyu