Listening Too : Beat Tapes

Been listening to a few beat tapes over the past month and thought I would pass a few along to all of you. Each of the tapes below has a few straight bangers.

"Call me Dwight Schrute with the way that I eat beats" - Das Racist from hahahaha jk?

Godlee Barnes aka Blu - The Norman Rockwell Beat Tape [ Listen to it : HERE ]

JuSoul -  Justrumental v0​.​4: sumAUTUMN [ Listen to it : HERE ]

Sizemen - A Tribute To Tak Shindo [ Listen to it : HERE ]

Small Professor - Mistress Jawns [ Listen to it HERE ]

Keyboard Kid - Video Games and Blunts Vol. 1 [ Listen to it HERE ]


New visual stuff from makakinidani for Sizemen - Kurusei - Jazz

Beatmaker select ///

Sizemen - In Africa vol2

  1. Intro
  2. Live goes on
  3. Groove from Bamako
  4. Don’t be mad
  5. Take four
  6. DoOinit boys
  7. Dancing time
  8. AfroBiguine Tropical
  9. Sunset Times in Dakar
  10. Wethe
  11. Make it darkness
  12. No money no game
  13. Cape town
  14. Le chant de la guitare
  15. Lagos
  16. Outro


Sizemen in Africa Vol​.​2

BIG UP to Sizemen for this Afro-Dopeness!!!Check IT!!!

Lp Instrumental,tribute to African music from 70/80’S(Afrobeat, Afrofunk, Afrojazz„ Traditional music and Percussions) 
The Vol1 still available,contact at :

Produced,mixed and arranged by Sizemen 
Mastering by The Krangteam at AKSTUDIOS,Paris 

Sizemen on Facebook :

Fizzi Pizzi Feat. Boogy - Let’s Go

Prod: Sizemzn (Palace Prod.) | Réalisation: Morne Rouge (Du fait maison)


"Kurusei Jazz" - Sizemen, a tribute to Takeshi "Tak" Shindo


mr grey - sizemen - machinist -d leek

Cezam - Haut de gamme remix

1er extrait issue du Projet “Netape en Laboratoire” Vol.2 ///// CEZAM (Le C)

Prod: Sizemen (palace)