I just decided it was fall today despite it being 80 degrees outside and me feeling pretty sweaty in this sweater-y top (with pockets!)

Hair: Insane central Texas humidity

Top: Macy’s

Jeans: American Rag jeggings

Shoes: Blowfish

Bag: My other Kate Spade purchase.

September Goals

Weight 296
Clothing size 22 (looser but not yet a 20)
Energy level: fantastic! I crave walking and activity. Been doing about 6 miles a day and did a 15.6 mile hike.

September Goals:
Weight: 285
Pants: still a 22 I think. If I remember right I hit a 20 at about 270lbs.
Activity: 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) 4 times a week. I signed up for Pact app that syncs with my Fitbit.
Bought some dumbells for at home (I have a set at work too) want to work on my arms (chicken wings!) At home more.


I call this outfit: intrepid girl reporter. 

Dress & shoes: Old Navy

Shirt: Avenue (one of the only things I wear from them)

Glasses: Target

Bag: I am getting more wear than I ever thought possible from this adorable neon orange Kate Spade bag I bought during the last surprise sale. 75% off y’all!