Potentially habitable moons

For astrobiologists, these may be the four most tantalizing moons in our Solar System. Shown at the same scale, their exploration by interplanetary spacecraft has launched the idea that moons, not just planets, could have environments supporting life. The Galileo mission to Jupiter discovered Europa’s global subsurface ocean of liquid water and indications of Ganymede’s interior seas. At Saturn, the Cassini probe detected erupting fountains of water ice from Enceladus indicating warmer subsurface water on even that small moon, while finding surface lakes of frigid but still liquid hydrocarbons beneath the dense atmosphere of large moon Titan. Now looking beyond the Solar System, new research suggests that sizable exomoons, could actually outnumber exoplanets in stellar habitable zones. That would make moons the most common type of habitable world in the Universe.

Image Credit: Research and compilation - René Heller (McMaster Univ.) et al.  Panels - NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute - Copyright: Ted Stryk

I’ve mentioned this on here before, but I am working on a playlist entitled “Dreary Cowboy Music” which is vaguely countryish/folkish sad songs about cowboy stuff, a sizable amount of Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, and Mark Lanegan.

This has lead into a downward spiral of faux gospel alt-country music and has spawned a budding playlist called “Songs about murder and Satan”.

Today I published my 100th daily comic! When I started this project, I had no idea how long I would keep doing it, but it’s been really gratifying to see how making something one day at a time quickly adds up to a sizable body of work. Thanks to everyone who’s followed along so far!

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TIFF REVIEW: ‘Madame Bovary’ Doesn’t Dig Much Deeper Under Shiny Surface

There have been plenty of film adaptations of Gustave Flaubert’s classic novel “Madame Bovary,” but it is perhaps Sophie Barthes’ version that assigns the most sizable emphasis on the titular character. Based on the 1856 novel of the same name, “Madame Bovary” tells the tale of the di…

  • sasuke:what i'm after... is revolution
  • naruto:well have you planned out what to do after revolution
  • sasuke:what
  • sakura:yeah, after all, it'd be reckless to believe that just knocking down the existing structures would fix everything
  • sasuke:what
  • kakashi:that's right. the economic/political structures through the various villages right now are pretty hard-wired, and to change them for the better, certainly, the first step is doing away with the old, but if you don't have any steps afterwards, you're likely looking at the same old kind of powers rising up and taking control.
  • sasuke:what
  • naruto:so if we're going to go ahead with this revolution we also need to make sure that, beyond just killing the five kages, we tear down other capitalist structures underneath their reign and replace them with a system that uses resources and abilities - of which we seem to have almost no limit to, considering our own sizable skill with jutsus that allows us to move mountains themselves, our generate massive amounts of electrical power, for just a few examples - and put them to work making sure everyone is fed, sheltered, and has what they need.
  • sasuke:what
  • sakura:which isn't to say we can just stop there. there are other oppressive structures at work, not limited to just capital and how it is used and who it is put in the hands of, but multiple axes of power in general, as brought on by how history has been structured and the narratives given to us by both those in power and society as a whole, and working to remove those should also be part of our goal.
  • sasuke:what
  • kakashi:correct. now, if you'll look at this scroll here, i've started writing some theories on how, after revolution, we can use our jutsus, both as individuals and as a collective, to keep food production intact and distribute it to absolutely everyone
  • sasuke:i just
  • sasuke:i was just thinking i'd kill the five kages
  • naruto:well that seems very short sighted of you

Have you see this article from BBC? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/29210991

It’s amazing news. Dr. Tristan Rich of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melboune, Australia, performed surgery on a goldfish to remove a large tumor from the animal’s head. The fish - named George (how friggin’ cute) - had a sizable tumor that was reportedly impeding its ability to swim, properly breathe, and eat. George’s owners also reported bullying and/or harassment from other fish in the pond fish.

George’s owners were faced with a unique choice. As a ten year old goldfish in a pond, it is not outside the realm of possibilities that George could live for another ten or twenty years if the surgery was attempted. Without, his long term fate remained uncertain, and his quality of life was certainly poor.

Dr. Rich placed George under anesthesia and, in a rather clever move, used water from George’s pond pumped into the mouth and out the gills to ventilate the fish (rather smart because it means no jarring chemical shifts that could place further stress on George’s body).

George is reportedly doing well post surgery.

It’s an utterly amazing story.


A Promise to the Dead …Banshee

Lydia takes everything in life seriously, so when she needed to meet her quota she knew instantly whose door to go knocking upon. Stiles’ insatiable appetite mixed with Derek’s fear of seeing a banshee on his doorstep late at night resulted in quite a sizable profit; thus making Lydia the undisputed Cookie Queen.


Chris Marker, Koreans, 1957.

In 1957, I had the opportunity to join a group of French journalists “invited” to visit North Korea. I would only realize later what a unique opportunity that was. The four years following the war (a conflict soberly described by General Bradley as the “wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy”) had been dedicated mostly to rebuilding a bomb-stricken country, and the formidable propaganda machine that would soon be identified with the sheer mention of North Korea wasn’t yet running at full throttle. We were subjected to a sizable dose of propaganda, but between two obligatory sessions of Socialist kowtowing, our hosts allowed us an amount of free walking unequalled since. Many years later, I could contemplate on television the predicament of a Belgian delegation whose members supplicated their guide to see, at least once, a marketplace -and after having visited the museum in honor of comrade Kim Jong-il, the library with the complete works of comrade Kim Jong-il, the factory that followed the directives of comrade Kim Jong-il, they were finally taken to an empty space outside the city, where a marketplace would be established according to the plans of comrade Kim Jong-il. Watching the image of hopelessness on the faces of the poor wretches made me appreciate even more the liberty I had enjoyed to hang around Pyongyang with my camera and to look everywhere, including marketplaces. Amusingly, the result of those strolls was equally rejected on both sides of the 38th parallel. To the North, a book which never mentioned once the name of Kim Il-sung simply didn’t exist. To the South, the raw fact that it had been allowed to be done in North Korea made it a tool of communist propaganda. That’s how, I was told, it was exhibited in Seoul’s counter-revolutionary museum, and its author introduced as a “Marxist dog”. I didn’t mind. Since Snoopy, the word “dog” has ceased to be an insult in my cats-ruled world. Then Time froze on that country whose culture had fascinated me, as well as the mesmerizing beauty of its women, while the megalomaniac leadership of both Kims had proven a disaster. Many examples of that freeze would appear in the news, the most recent so incredible that it escaped many commentators. When the DPRK (that’s its official name) launched the famous rocket that worried the whole world, the KOREAN NEWS agency published the following communiqué : “The Secretariat of the C.C., the Communist Party of the Soviet Union fully supports the steadfast stand of the Workers’ Party of Korea led by General Secretary Kim Jong Il”. Yes, you read correctly : “Soviet Union”. In 2009. Perhaps nobody ever dared to update comrade Kim Jong-il.

Chris Marker, 2009

fun facts I garnered from my first watch-through of the Making Of TWDG included in the Season 1 GOTY edition

-Telltale has SO MUCH of keterok's artwork in the studio! it was splayed all over the coffee table in front of a few devs when they were talking. They also had, front and center, the painting of Lilly putting down walker Lee while protecting Clementine (one of my favorite pieces of fanart). It's this one:


(yay for heroic Lilly)

- Melissa Hutchinson mentioned being given a list of the possible female characters she could voice in the game, “some with these cool personalities, and some with horrible personalities.” (my brother jumped up and said OOOH YOU KNOW WHO SHE’S TALKING ABOUT)

-A lot of the gore sounds in the game were made by snapping raw vegetables in half.

-One of the devs said that, after Lee and Clementine, Kenny is probably the most important character.

-He said that episode 3 is “basically about Kenny”. Apparently it’s not about Carley, Doug, Duck, Katjaa, or Lilly. (we all kind of knew that Katjaa’s death was a plot device to further Kenny’s story, but having it said so clearly was kind of…I don’t know how I felt about it)

-They had Lilly shoot Carley (they said Carley they didn’t even say Carley/Doug) because they couldn’t think of anything else to do in that scene. (They “needed to start killing characters”, and “nothing was working”. They specifically said, “Nothing was working, nothing was working, so we just had Lilly shoot Carley from off-screen.”) not gonna lie THIS PISSED ME RIGHT OFF YOU RUINED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER’S FANDOM REP BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO DO AGHH

-Gonna repeat the last point because it’s super important (to me anyway): THEY HAD LILLY SHOOT CARLEY/DOUG BECAUSE THEY WANTED THEM DEAD AND COULDN’T THINK OF ANY OTHER PLAUSIBLE WAY TO DO IT. (they couldn’t have had them like get eaten by walkers??? or some other believable thing in a zombie apocalypse?? THEY HAD TO HAVE LILLY SUDDENLY JUST KILL SOMEONE??? DAMN YOU TELLTALE)

-Pretty sure most people knew this because I think they said it during the livestream, but Ben’s character was almost completely rewritten in Episode 4 to make him more hated (and thus to balance the amount of people who dropped vs. saved him).

-The devs are consistently surprised by the amount of Ben fanart that exists.

-Gavin Hammon said “in episode 5, when Kenny…well, whatever happens to Kenny” (make of this what you will)

-The entire Telltale development team (aka probably like 40-50 people) hung out in one person’s apartment during the 2012 VGAs, so they could all “drink and commiserate” when they lost Game of the Year (they were apparently convinced they didn’t stand a chance.) When they won, everyone was screaming and cheering and I have to wonder what the downstairs neighbors thought of all this haha

-The 400 Days characters received some love and discussion in this video, though obviously not as majorly as Season 1 itself. No one was mentioned by name, but they showed a bunch of clips.

-it seems Clementine IS significantly older in Season 2 (Melissa Hutchinson called her a ‘pre-teen’)

-Clem’s combat system will largely consist of using the environment to her advantage, outsmarting enemies, and running away/hiding (they said she’s a very ‘evasive’ fighter). they mentioned it being much more ‘strategic’ and less about ‘brawn’ than Lee’s combat system.

-Melissa said Clementine still has ‘a glimmer of hope’ that things will someday get better, and implied that not all of her childlike innocence has been lost.

-The devs acknowledged that crafting a game like TWDG around a child protagonist and trying to find a way to make it work has been “challenging”. 

-the Tumblr TWDG fandom received a shoutout(!!!) 

-Telltale loves keeping involved with their games’ fandoms, and will sometimes drop in anonymously on people livestreaming their games. They’re always watching! :P

Wait, are there SERIOUSLY people that want Alexis off’d from Castle so that the show can “focus more on Castle and Beckett”?

Oh ok, main character’s daughter dies, so obviously that means he’s gonna go play happy families with his fiancee, right?

Do you realize that if Alexis were to die it would mean the end of Caskett (and probably the show) since that would break Castle’s heart beyond repair and he’d probably push EVERYONE away (yes, including Beckett)?

No I am not “ruining your story with my logic” I’m telling you that stories DO NEED LOGIC and wanting Alexis “killed off” is probably the most illogical thing I’ve ever heard…