Just you and the world, alone.

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There's Growing Pains In My Heart

Honestly, to find most of the people I follow I just skimmed through the writing and poetry tags, but I am incredibly happy with what it’s brought me! One of my finds was a blog called A Tongue With But Six Words, which is precisely what it sounds like. The creator, choosing to remain completely anonymous, limits their poetry to a six word maximum. They take prompt suggestions as well as creating some of their own, including both text and pictures. Check them out! They’re all amazing.

This reminded me of a book I read a couple years ago, Not Quite What I Was Planning with the same concept. Which is a really cute, funny, insightful book, if you have a little time to kill it’s also a pretty quick read. It’s hard to imagine so few words could capture so many different ideas. With a little more research I came to find that there are actually two more books following this theme, and many references in the media and community.


If you look up “six-word memoirs” on Wikipedia, it will tell you that it has been an exercise used by teachers on second graders all the way to graduates. It’s also a tool used in hospitals, in a eulogy, and was even a suggested form of prayer in North Carolina. There’s also been many Youtube videos uploaded featuring this exercise. 

I think as a poet or writer, one of the more difficult aspects is to make sure you’re eliminating all of the unnecessary writing in your work. Every time you write you are constantly editing to take out words and even sentences in order to avoid any repetition or excess writing. So I can see why it would be a great tool in discovering what exactly it is you’re trying to say, as well as forcing you to use bigger words and less filler words, and being able to convey your thought in the shortest amount of space possible.

So my first and possibly only attempt at a six word memoir, because it’s harder than it sounds, is the title to this post! Mostly trying to reference how I feel about having to leave someone I really do care about for this year of self dedication I’ve started. It hurts but it’s because I’m growing. Growing as a person, gaining knowledge and perspective, as well as being more compassionate and loving towards myself for once!