July 31, 2014

Had a great end to a long day.  This evening i headed to the State Fair with my extended family to see Phil Vassar.  I love a little country from time to time and Phil never disappoints!  It was a great show and even better company. Check out some photos from the evening.  I am so grateful they invited me to tag-a-long! 


This awesome picture made it into the scrolling WI State Fair big screen of social media.


The Gals!



Phil in his new Brewers t-shirt.

And today’s lyrics appropriately come from Phil himself, from his song Amazing Grace (which he played!!!):

You would whisper “Pull me to ya”.
Softly kiss me, and Hallelujah.
I told you that I loved you, and watched the tears fall down your face.
Your sweet face.
Back in the days when you were Amazing, Grace.

I have managed to lose and keep off 130+lbs for over 2 years. I am currently 185lbs @ 12% bodyfat. I don’t use any gimmicks, programs, special equipment, or fad diets. This isn’t a 30/40/60/90 day challenge, this is my lifestyle. I don’t drink, smoke, or ” turn up”. I am a reflection of the philosophy I live by. I gave up excuses, gave up doubt, and embraced my potential and never looked back. Until next time…..

Your Coach
Dr. Jarred Wesley

P.S. If your doctor doesn’t look like this or better, you are going to the wrong health professional.
#SixpackSummer #GetFitOrDie #SpartanEliteStrengthTraining #YouAreWhatYouRepeatedlyDo

Ok people here we go!! First day of May which is going to be the best month ever!!!! Get those ABS you have been wanting! Remember though… ABS are made in the kitchen so don’t forget to eat clean, healthy options and stick to your Herbalife meal plan if your on it :) annnd… if your not on it you better ask me about it! Email me at tyorkherbalife@gmail.com or just go to www.goherbalife.com/tarynyork and make your account! Then you can see all the prices and wonderful products offered to get you in the best shape of your life! ABS BY JUNE PEOPLE!!!!! #sixpacksummer #absbyjune #30dayabchallenge #teamhealthylivin #healthylivin #getfitnotflab #drinkingasixpackwhilehavingasixpack #askmeaboutit #herbalife #herbalifemealplan #getonit #may #makethechoice

Meal 1 for the day:
1/2 cup of old fashion rolled oats, a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 1/2 bananas and 1 strawberry cut up, and a 20 oz protein shake with 8 oz of almond milk, 1/2 cup of eggwhites, 1/2 a banana, 12 white grapes, 24g of whey isolate protein, and a teaspoon of instant coffee.
I will be hitting the strength training in about 45 min. Its calisthenics day so I will be killing it to end my training week with a bang. #GetFitOrDie #SixpackSummer #SpartanBane #SpartanEliteStrengthTraining #EatToLive #TrainToExcel #YouAreWhatYouRepeatedlyDo