I don’t mind the whole “that’s gay” saying so much any more, but I was with some people who actually thought being gay was “gross” tonight and it bothered me. They also mentioned how they feel uncomfortable around gay guys, soooo. I also don’t like when people use “fag” as an insult or even just a joke among friends or whatever. 

I generally dislike most top 40 music (I actually dig Katy Perry’s ET right now), but I find that a person’s music preferences should be similar to mine (genre/sound wise .. I’m open to expanding my music library) for a relationship. Compatibility, ya know? One of my best friends in the whole world listens to top 40 exclusively, and it’s not so much a barrier in our friendship as much as it is an annoyance for both of us .. because we can’t go to shows together or decide on what to listen to when we chill haha.

sixkiss replied to your post: things that automatically make me never consider you for a romantic relationship:

this is pretty accurate to me except anti-gay comments are allowed as long as it isn’t literally anti gay. cuz thats gay. and top 40 music doesn’t bother me, i’m not closed minded.


this reminded me of the paper dragon fail video sixkiss posted many years ago..

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