theantlerking said:

((JackofHearts on main account because tumblr thinks it can stop me :'D)) Prompt: Soul Music

((Been sitting on these for a couple of days now. I’m kind of a lost cause when it comes to coming up with something. So I figured maybe if I treat it like High School and just type something then maybe it will come naturally.))

It was a typical summer day on the streets of Olan. Heat stacked upon heat with the absence of a cool zephyr. The pink haired man trotted idly behind his friend. Each step he took had an ounce of flair; a sort of kick to his movements that said ‘I own these streets.’ Dennie was quiet that day and although he was Adrian’s company there was no outward indication that they were part of a two-man crowd. The two were headed to a new bar and looking to book a gig. The bar wouldn’t open for the public for several hours but business deals were always welcome. The voice of a strong black man rebounded off the many buildings down the street as they trotted closer into range.

"Hey Adrian!" Dennie finally spoke out. "Why don’t you ever play Soul Music like that?"

There was not a moment that separated the two men from talking. Adrian quickly snapped back.

"Why!? ‘Cause i’m black!? Cain’t a black man not have interest in Soul Music? You’re a pink man but I don’t hear you playing Bubblegum Pop every time you get the chance. Asides, I never tried."

Dennie just chuckled at the creative way Adrian turned this around on him.

"Whatever dude. It was just a simple question."

dennieleblanc said:

A magic man, huh? Do what kinda tricks ya got up yer sleeve?

Well, all sorts, sir!  My skills encompasses simple card tricks to vanishing, even crafting a tangible dreamworld around your very eyes! Come to one of my shows, and I’ll show you just how warped reality can be. :)

dennieleblanc said:

Random Numbers: 4, 32, and 58

4;; Drove a Car

Aadi: Maybe one day though? But I don’t really need a car here in Nreole~

32;; Felt an earthquake?

Aadi: Can’t say that I want to either, mon ami!

58;; Sat on a Rooftop?

Aadi: Especially at night~