So apparently, I’ll forever be single because I’m 6’
A guy has confirmed this.
Because according to him, guys like shorter girls. He didn’t say it, but it was insinuated.
Not forgetting his reaction to my height being ‘oh shit…’ So nice.
He also said ‘Good luck in finding your Green Giant’.

Where IS my Green Giant? He doesn’t have to be green, but I can understand if he has to come from another planet.

But really.
Where is my Green Giant? My manraffe. Yes. A man who is also a giraffe.

The Space Between Us

a/n: i started this nearly a year ago wtf. there should be a short epilogue soon.


Word count: 4,918

Summary: After growing up with the Lester boy next door, he suddenly vanishes, and no one will tell Dan why.

Triggers: detailed descriptions of suicide/self harm, anxiety mention

Genre: angstyish???


Dan’s chubby fist pounded the rickety wood of the fence impatiently. “Mummy! Mummy!”

She quickly strode over to Dan, sat cross-legged on a patch of grass against the barrier. She swatted his hand away. “Stop it, Daniel. You’ll bother the new neighbors.”

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Trollando, what r u doing?


Something No One Can Hear: Epilogue

a/n: im not gonna do briefing on this one bc when i started the fic i didnt and yall know what this is anyway cARRY ON

holy shit, guys. it’s been what like 6 months since this ended? I AM SO SORRY.

a/n 2: thank you thank you thank you to the beautiful livi for basically supplying all the information i needed for this fic omg!! dan is based off of her in the epilogue! like seriously w/o livi’s help i wouldnt have been able to write this accurately

if you guys want, i will write on-the-side oneshots for this story. i missed writing it :)

ALSO, there is ART for Something No One Can Hear! Please go check it out and give the artists some sugar!

If you want to make art for this as well, just submit it to my blog and I will add it to the page :D

Now back to the fic…

There is a slight tw for self harm, but you can easily skip it with no bumps.

Enjoy xx

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you know you're an obsessed Hartnell-era Whovian when...

You’re not sure if you’re going to be able to afford to attend a Doctor Who convention next year, but you’re damn well gonna finish that cosplay you started for it anyway, because you already bought the boots, and you simply want to dress up like Ian Chesterton, even if it’s only to sit around your house. 

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[Custom prompt!] The Little Ox narrowed her eyes as she watched the deer grazing in the heart of the forest. She raised one throwing knife, aiming. Just as she was ready to release it she saw the beast crumple to the ground, an arrow protruding from it's body. "Hey!" she called out, standing up straight from the bush she was in to see who stole her kill from her. "That was mine! I had that!"

The Spellbow righted himself from his position, standing at his full and impressive height of six foot- one, the vague hints of amusement pulling the corner of his mouth up into a cunning smirk. 

"Slow, you are." he teased, arms slacking at the string of the arrow he had ready. A slow saunter brought him down the hill and towards the carcass of the deer, a hand gripping the shaft of his arrow before wrenching it out in a quick pull. He turned about and waggled the bloody projectile at the Tanari youngster, arching a slender black brow. "I believe a ‘thank you’ would be the appropriate course of action. I might think I saved you quite a bit of work."


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (2011)
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Irene Adler (X-Men)/Raven | Mystique
Characters: Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Raven | Mystique, Irene Adler, Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Moira MacTaggert, Alex Summers
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Still Have Powers, Alternate Universe - Reality Show, Reality TV, the bachelor - Freeform, Crazy, Silly, Fluff, Helicopters, Tropes, BAMF Emma, Charles is a Professor, Charles Xavier has a Ph.D in Adorable, Erik is a Sweetheart, Erik is Crushing Harder than a 12-year Old Girl, Smitten Erik, Taxidermy, Hilarity Ensues

Summary: Charles Xavier, Professor Hottie, the very first mutant Bachelor has a problem. It comes in the form of his wardrobe guy, one six foot sex on legs Erik Lehsherr. Oh, and the fact that he’s gay. And on the Bachelor. To find his wife.

A/N: This might qualify as the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written. But being that I have a difficult to understand love of The Bachelor, it had to be done. So I took all the Bachelor tropes I could think of, threw in one reference to Arrested Development, and wrote this fic. If you love the hot ugly cry mess that is The Bachelor like I do, I hope you really enjoy this.

Thanks to eriknocherikyes for the beta, and for her usual hand holding. It made all the difference.

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like, six-foot-one beam of sunshine Karlie Kloss deciding that she's going to flirt with you? we all know she can look damn sexy if she wants to. how do people not just drop dead of a heart attack??

Please cease this i dont have the heart to handle this

▓▓▓ { ︻╦╤─ } —; Yellow tinted lenses equipped to the blonde’s pale flesh. An unshakable feeling of unease lingered throughout his rejoicing trip to the town’s bakery. It was a shame that the gunslinger couldn’t enjoy a bag full of freshly made doughnuts without having to worry about something. Before he knew it, trouble came running out of a bank. Six foot one. Gun in hand. Definitely wouldn’t be a part of his Olympic track team. Depending on who you’d ask, that was a pretty decent description. 

Doing what he seldom did best, he blended into the crowd of scattered citizens watching from abroad. There was something about the criminal that didn’t sit well with him. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but the look in his eyes were almost identical to those of a lunatic. In that moment, he focused on the course of the runaway. There were no vehicles present on the street, so that obviously left him with one choice. 

A click of his boots initiated his sprint towards the individual he thought would be chosen as hostage. The blonde’s gloved hand reached into his coat for his signature .45 Long Coat aimed presumably at the stranger, but instead at the weapon in the criminal’s hand from behind them. A single bullet was all that he required to knock the weapon out of his grasp and allow for the law enforcement approaching from both ends of the street to finish the job.

                     ❝ ..Sorry. That was a close call back there. Are you alright?