MCU Ladies Week: Day #7 - The Future

I need origin movies involving female bad-asses and I need them now. I need to see Monica Rambeau evolving into Captain Marvel, I need to see Sif struggling to prove herself on the battleplanes of Asgard and for the love of god, I need Natasha Romanoff’s back story, from Red Room to Clint Barton to Budapest. And I need every single one of them to be ‘coming soon’.


Dedicated to a very special person turtlebandwhore​:
Music saves lives, but you saved mine. 

It's done (for now).

Finally, months later, I’ve fixed the many broken links in the treatise (oh god, I hope they’re all still working). I created a new sideblog, treatiselinks, and reblogged everything I could to there, and then changed the links in the treatise to the posts on that blog instead — so when y’all change your URLs, my links don’t also break. Still can’t do anything about read more posts or links to content found elsewhere on the web, like YouTube, but this is already a vast improvement. I also edited quite a bit of it, and added content from the last number of months, so the treatise is once again a reasonably decent — though far from comprehensive — summary of the evidence that Harry and Louis are in a relationship.

Massive thanks to those who helped with identifying broken links and finding replacements: jaw-drops (who truly went above and beyond and even sent messages to people trying to track down posts and bloggers), madame—me (who turned around a list of links in like one day and then never yelled at me for complaining to her for four months about not wanting to do the work), larrystytom (who sent me a list of links before I even ASKED for help), and lifechangeing (who thought up a bunch of ideas for making the links more sustainable, including the idea I actually implemented). You’re all fantastic.

Thanks as well to everyone who has suggested content to add to the treatise. (I continue to welcome suggestions/corrections/etc.! I’m sure I forgot lots of things.) I am very very grateful for everyone’s help.

Those of you who asked for my permission to do translations and have been waiting on me all this time: thank you for your patience, and you should feel free to translate now if you still want to.

You can find the treatise here and the short(ish) version here.