ASSes: "But SasuSaku is abusive!!"

ASSes: “But SasuSaku is abusive!!!”





using, containing, or characterized by harshly or coarsely insulting language:

an abusive author; abusive remarks.


treating badly or injuriously; mistreating, especially physically:

his abusive handling of the horse.


wrongly used; corrupt:

an abusive exercise of power.

I believe ASSes are using the second definition.













How come ItaSasu, SasuNaru, SasuKarin, NaruSaku, and NaruKushi aren’t labeled abusive?!?  After all, they are causing physical injuries to a person right?  And if SasuSaku is so goddamn abusive why did Sasuke catch her with his own body?! Or just plainly, why did he catch her at all?? Because you know, in an abusive relationship, the person would purposely cause pain to their other person right?  So Sasuke should have let her fall and then laugh at her pain yeah? But NO Sasuke mothereffing Uchiha catches Sakura Uchiha Haruno in his goddamn muscular arms and proceeds to have eyesmex with her:


And come on.  We all know the characters say one thing (ie Itachi), but mean the complete opposite.  As I heard from a wise Konoha jounin, you have to look underneath the underneath- WHICH IS IMPLYING YOU DON’T ALWAYS TAKE CHARACTER’S WORDS AT FACE-VALUE. But really, you have to look at Sasuke’s actions towards Sakura to see how much he truly does care about Sakura:






So don’t you dare say that Sasuke cared only about Naruto throughout the war because he has rushed in plenty of times when Sakura was in danger.  And if you are referring to this as abuse:


Genjutsu (幻術; Literally meaning “Illusionary Techniques”) are techniques that are employed in the same fashion as ninjutsu, requiring chakra and hand seals. However, the primary difference between the two is that the effects of genjutsu are illusory; instead of attacking the victim’s body, like taijutsu or ninjutsu, genjutsu techniques manipulate the flow of chakra in the victim’s brain, thus causing a disruption in their senses.  They are not used as often as ninjutsu because they don’t physically harm the opponent (x).

ILLUSORY/ILLUSION. Must I give you the definition of that word too? It’s fake and it does not physically harm the person. What? You wanted Sasuke to put her in a genjutsu where everything is all happy and full of rainbows?  No because that would defeat the whole purpose of the genjutsu. Sasuke created that genjutsu so Sakura would hate him and it would disillusion her “fantasy” love for him.  Just how Itachi did the same with Sasuke.  He forced him in a genjutsu to relive the Uchiha massacre over and over again.  And you know what? It worked and it drove Sasuke crazy to seek power for revenge.  But even though Sasuke is trying to do what Itachi did to him, it won’t work. Sakura will prove that she will loves him despite everything he has done- it’s not just some childish crush she has and it will break through Sasuke’s thick skull sooner or later.


mermaids often romanticise humans, thinking them kind and beautiful, wanting to fall in love with one and be loved in return

selkies dont. selkies know humans, have walked among them, know simply how terrible they are, how theyll steal the coat of a selkie maiden just so theyll have a beautiful wife who cant leave them, how theyll turn on their neighbours, their friends, their families, themselves.

selkies used to walk among humans, but now theyve learnt better.

Where did HIV come from?

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is the causative agent of AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). There are actually two types of HIV; HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is the dominant virus worldwide, whereas HIV-2 is largely confined to West African countries and those with links to this area such as France and Portugal. 

According to a 2005 survey of African Americans living in the US, almost 50% of the respondents believed that HIV was manufactured in a lab. Furthermore, over 25% believed that this was done by the government. A significant number also believed that it was created in order to control the population of black people/homosexuals.

There is absolutely no evidence in support these theories and a lot of evidence to suggest they’re baloney. Some of the earliest documented cases of HIV were in the late 1950s; it’s absurd to think that scientists would have had the knowledge or technology to create viruses back then. We only identified the structure of DNA in 1953. We’ve only just managed to create the first synthetic bacterial genome, let alone create a virus from scratch. Creating a virus would require knowledge of genetic manipulation. We simply did not have the expertise to be able to achieve something like this at that time 

There are a few different theories about how these viruses got into the population. The simplest explanation is that humans came into contact with the blood or other secretions of infected primates which is perfectly plausible since, for example, sooty mangabeys were both kept as pets and slaughtered for bushmeat in West Africa, the same region that HIV-2 is most prevalent. It would be easy for infected bodily fluids to come into contact with broken skin during the bitchering process.

Given the fact that medical resources are costly, it is plausible that during immunization programs in Africa, healthcare professionals would have shared needles, providing ample opportunity to spread infection through the population. This, coupled with an increase in international travel alongside sexual promiscuity and intravenous drug use, seems a logical explanation for the emergence of HIV.

Another theory is that humans became infected from contaminated oral polio vaccines. The vaccine in question was called CHAT which required the use of living tissue for production. The idea was that the kidney cells used in the production line came from SIV infected chimps and thus a large number of people were exposed. However, this theory falls down because as we have seen, not all of the HIVs came from chimps. It’s also extremely unlikely that oral vaccines would result in transmission since, unless compromised, the mouth is a pretty good barrier to infection. Furthermore, researchers found stocks of the vaccine used and when it was tested, no traces of SIV were found. This theory has therefore largely been refuted.

In sum, while it is difficult to definitively prove where HIV came from, we can make assertions based on the best available evidence. This evidence points to a simian (monkey or ape) origin, not the government. Everyone loves to hear about a good conspiracy theory, but it really does not add up here.

(Source: I fucking love science).


He’s bound by leather and silk
Spills blood with clean hands

For this lovely flower.

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This makes me want to play Leblanc so bad.

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Probably my favorite video ever. Siv HD <3

Things I Learned as a Field Biologist #411

The fieldwork don’t matter if you don’t tell people about it. Preferably through a strongly vetted process of statistical inquiry followed by equally strong peer-review. Publications: they’re important.

I know this is not news to any of us in the academic realm, but it may be for those of you out there who are a little less familiar with field biology. ‘Publish or perish’ isn’t just bland pabulum, it’s the truth about any academic endeavor. And so, dear readers, I have been working on my publication record so that you can read the formal findings of my endless hours in the wild, and not just the gross, ridiculous, scary and scatological details (although these are immensely important aspects of the work, too!).

Over the last few months, this blog has been, well, completely silent. I’ve been teaching at a wonderful university, continuing my research at another, and generally been trying to get stuff out. Now, just in time for spring, the fruits of my Tumblr silence are flowering all over the interwebs!

To celebrate this, below are some links to the actual RESULTS of all this fieldwork I’ve done (both current and past)! To continue celebrating this, along with my typical fare you’ve all been so wonderfully positive about, I’ll also begin intermittently posting about the academic outcomes of my fieldwork (and those of others that I find exciting, because my publication record is not - yet - inexhaustible and because there’s a lot of interesting fieldwork going on out there)! And when it’s my own work, I will most definitely be letting you know both the science and the art involved (e.g., exactly how many times I got pooped on and stung to get that glorious sample size…).

For now, here are some quick links to be followed up soon! Huzzah!

Woolly monkey juveniles are adorable and do all sorts of cool things, and it looks like these things may help prepare them for adulthood

Vervet monkeys in The Gambia have high exposure to their version of HIV, but they don’t always get infected: we think we know why…

Vervet monkeys in South Africa (like their researchers) get a lot of parasites, and it looks like WHICH parasites they get depend on a few factors…

Vervet monkeys in South Africa also get their own version of HIV… but where did it come from? How is it transmitted? And how do they not get AIDS from it?  Let me and a few friends tell you more about it…

So you’re a fat monkey?  Ok… maybe it’s in your genes…