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aw cute

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it’s okay bb ill read your read more

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What a let down!

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Ditto. That’s why mine said “boobs”

OMG, guyz, that was my personal diary! 

No-one ever calls Clark cute.


Fucking hell, that’s an essay!

Okay, so it’s an interesting origin story, take 5 points. You seem to me a villain to begin with, yet I feel more sympathy for you as you weave your tale, and so for the anti-hero aspect I’ll give you 3 points. You’ve given your world a gritty realism and aren’t a superhero in the traditional sense, so I like that, and I can see this story going somewhere, so 3 points for that. I like your friends, but you could have perhaps gone into more detail on Ben’s powers, and more in depth with the group, although I know it was very in depth already, but I feel I am understanding this world, and want to keep going deeper. I want to read this, want to watch it unfold. So 4 points for gripping me.

15 total :)

Tumblr Crushes:

Oh no, Lauren decided to flip the table and take the upper tier. What could this mean?

I think it means that she is a motherfucking Khaleesi and everyone should bow to her now.

I love that Julia and I can be swapping Hitler gifs one day and insults the next.

That’s as true as love gets between an Englishman and a German <3