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Addressing a mammoth rally at Sidhauli, Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh as part of the third phase of his campaign for Congress All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary Rahul Gandhi once again criticized the twenty two years non-Congress Governments in U.P for the bad state of affairs in the state. Rahul Gandhi promised that, if given a chance, the Congress will bring back developments in Uttar Pradesh like it did in all Congress ruled states.

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Rahul Gandhi, a set on Flickr.

While addressing an election rally at Sitapur as part of his ongoing campaign for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi urged the people to judge him only on his actions. “Don’t trust my words, but judge me only on my deeds” said Rahul Gandhi. “I do not make hollow promises, but will promise you only one thing that a government of aam aadmi like we did it at the Centre” he added.

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Reverberation Of Hariom,Makes The Atmosphere Peaceful, At Sitapur(Bihar).

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Tiger not far from Lucknow

LUCKNOW: Presence of tiger in the vicinity of Lucknow has made UP forest department sound an alert. Tiger’s pugmarks have confirmed its presence in Sitapur and Hardoi. The feline has not been spotted after October 19.

On Tuesday, forest department had sounded an alert in Lucknow due to tiger’s presence not more than 80 kms away in Sandila, Hardoi.

On Wednesday, DFO, Hardoi RK Tripathi said, “No new pugmarks have been seen after October 19. We can not say anything about its presence till we get new pugmarks or find kills made by the big cat.”

Villagers have been told to inform the department in case they come across any instance that indicates presence of tiger in the region.

It was on October 15 that villagers in Sitapur had informed forest department officers about tiger in the area. “We got to know at around 3pm that tiger was seen in Anegi village,” said DFO, Sitapur AP Tripathi.

By the time, forest department team could reach the spot the tiger had moved about 10 kms away from Anegi to another village, Banbajrehta. It was in one of the agricultural fields in Banbajrehta that pugmarks of the big cat were seen. Trackers took the PoP (plaster of paris) impression of the pugmarks. Experts in the department confirmed that pugmarks were that of a tiger, in all likelihood, a sub-adult.

The tiger moved in and out of 35 beegha thick sugarcane fields in Sitapur before it moved to Hardoi on October 19. In Sitapur it moved along the banks of a local river, a tributary of Gomti. “It moved in a circle. First it moved away from Banbajrehta, then took a u-turn towards Banbajrehta but stopped 2kms ahead at another village Bhikampur, where this tributary drains into Gomti, on October 18, ” said DFO Sitapur. Nowhere did it leave the banks of the river.

“Pugmarks we tracked showed that it did not go more than eight kms away from the river,” said the official. Few carcasses of blue bulls (neelgai) found in Banbajrehta on October 17 could be tiger’s kill.

On October 19, pugmarks were found in Tulsipur village of Hardoi. Forest department did not find any pugmarks beyond Keshavpur, another village about 3 kms from Tulsipur. “Till we find new pugmarks or kills, we can not say where it is,” said DFO, Hardoi, RK Tripathi.