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#SistersWithBeauty’s 2yr. Anniversary #BFLY Party host is Butterfly @baldheadqueen.

She’s going to MC the wings off this party. Don’t sit by while we sell out of these tickets. Plan to attend the party, get yo’ tickets now! Ticket purchase link in the bio.

Butterflies Up! www.sisterswithbeauty.com

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Butterfly @arilennox is singing and we got poetry, all while a DJ is spinning and dancing is going on while special vendors wow you…

Hurry up, all this is going down October 13 at #AnacostiaArtsCenter

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EVOO is a staple product for me. I use it all the time! I add it to conditioners. I use it in the L.O.C. (moisture balance) Method. It’s usually in my water bottle. I use it to twist at night. I use it in the @sisterswithbeauty Wash Method “Tip and Dip” step. I love EVOO!

Read on #Reader… Enjoying a few pages of #thegatekeepersaregone by Lamar Tyler of @blackandmarried before my dentist appointment.. Always read with a highlighter.. When I go back to reference the book or a thought from a page, I need to know what type of expression that particular point gave me #YESGod moments don’t just happen.. They are normally followed by #Truth #SpeakLord and #neverwouldhavemadeit … Come with me as I share these moments from the book. Are you a dreamer? Do you have a business? Well come come On The kick drum.. Sn: nah I’m not being paid to promote… That’s necessary to say. I’m a dreamer, I believe in #BETitAllOnBlack my own focus to owned businesses doing the impossible, and I just so happen to be one. I’m all about doing better and being better and wanting those around me to be their best too. I win when you do and vice versa… Now let’s go get these moments #sisterswithbeauty #blogger #vlogger #BIAOB #BlackExcellece #GoGetYourBlessing … To my business owners pick up this book.. You’re already late to the party. Now I’m back to reading.

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