She may be my Mom but she is my #sisterofiron. By herself she raised me to be the woman I am today - to understand that the strength in my body and mind are limitless. She taught me to appreciate a strong feminine physique and that it’s beautiful so what better day to showcase it. Also the first year I was able to beat her in arm wrestling :) keep in mind she is 56 :) #sistersiniron2013 @toscareno @eatcleandiet @oxygenmagazine @theresa_jenn #fitnessmodel #fitfam #igers #girlswithmuscle

Day 7/100 of training and clean eating. Here I am doing 20 pound row x 12 than a failure dropset of 15 pounds.

Can’t believe that when I pick up a 15 pound weight it feels like air!!

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