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my-cheechos asked:

What is lolicon?:0

Oh dear…. It’s hard to explain I’d prefer you don’t search it either it’s absolutely horrendous!! 😣 it’s basically a having a fetish for pre-pubescent girls in anime. Lots of anime sexualize these young girls as young as elementary school in the most absurd ways. Yes, lolis in general are cute, the same way that sisters are cute, but Lolicons, shotacons, and sistercons are all awful. Most try to defend this “kink” by saying that it’s fine because they’re not real. But the fact that someone thought of a young girl like that and took the time to animate it, draw it, and that others took the time to watch it, is just absolute horror. In short, Lolicons are awful people and I will defend my opinion on this even after I sleep in my grave.