BSM 13: You're playing after he put you down in bed, he's mad when he find out (Request - Age 2-5)

Request: Could you do a one direction bsm were its your bedtime and you want to keep playing but he makes you go to bed so when you think he is asleep you get out of bed and he’s sees you playing so he gets mad at you age 2-5 thanks :)Xx

Extra note: 3/5 are in *HIS P.O.V (Louis, Niall and Zayn)

Liam (3): ‘Y/n, come sweetheart it’s getting late so, up to bed’ Liam smiled when he picked you up but you weren’t so pleased as him. ‘NO’ you tried to wriggle out his grip but he was much stronger than you. ‘No sleepy Li’ you cried when he tucked you in, ‘Babe it’s 9pm it’s already too late. Tomorrow you can play again’ with that he kissed your cheek and went out. The first ten minutes you don’t gave up, Liam ignored your screams but you thought he was already asleep because he didn’t answered. You climbed out your bed and took some toys out of your boxes. About the light you didn’t mind the little night lamps in your room were enough to see everything what you needed. What you didn’t know was that Liam was in the room next to yours and when he heard loud noises in your room, he know how late it was. Without any warning he opened your door ‘Y/N PAYNE! Did I not tell you to sleep?’ he picked you up and placed you in bed. ‘I’m not SLEEPY!’ he shrugged his shoulders ‘If you don’t go to sleep now and I mean immediately, you stay tomorrow alone home!’ he always told you this because he knew you were afraid to be alone. He never mean it but telling this to a three year old toddler would always help ‘NO, NO I’m sleepy now. No alone Li’ tears filled your eyes ‘Okay good, no tears babe I don’t like that and can I have a kiss before we go to dream world?’ he asked you. Quickly you stood up in bed and hugged him ‘No alone?’ you kiss his cheek what made him chuckle ‘Li don’t let you alone babe, I promise’ with that he tucked you in bed for the second time, kissed your forehead and left the room.

Louis (4): His pov* it was way to quiet in the house, not that I didn’t like it because both of the twins were really active today and Y/n, she was grumpy so i put her today earlier to bed. Lottie and Fizzie were watching TV with me but something in me said this is not right. ‘I’m going upstairs’ I said at both of them but they were not listening. When I came upstairs I heard noises in Y/n her room, carefully I opened the door. What if she was asleep and i woke her up.. no not today, i had enough headaches from all the screaming girls(boy) around me. I knew there was something wrong, ‘So, so, so… Y/n I thought I said it was bedtime?’ when she looked up, i saw the fear in her eyes. I never saw her so quickly cleanup and when she was done she jumped in her bed and covered her face with her blanket. I hid my smile and walked over to her bed, I wasn’t that mad but also not happy. She needed to learn that when I said something she needed to listen. ‘Y/n Y/m/n Tomlinson, look at me’ I said with a more strand voice ‘I’m sorry Lou’ she said still under her blankets ‘Come out, before Louis is really mad’ with fear she puts her blankets away and looked at me ‘Angry on me?’ she asked ‘Bug, a whole day you were angry on everyone because you don’t get a lot of sleep yesterday and now you’re playing when I told you to sleep.’ I crossed my arms on my chest and looked at her. ‘Nooo angry’ she whined and stretched her arms out, knowing when she did that I picked her up. When I did that she placed her head in the crook of my neck ‘Tired?’ I asked after two minutes walking around with her. I looked at her when she didn’t answered ‘Yup tired’ I laughed quietly, carefully I placed her in bed and kissed her cheek ‘Goodnight bug’ I turned the light off and closed her door.

Niall (5): His Pov* ‘No, no, no’ she repeated and ran off ‘Y/n Horan, if you’re not here in five minutes.. we, we-‘ damm*t Niall think of something ‘I take mister fluffy with me and you never get it back!’ okay that was maybe too harsh but she stopped finally ‘NO YOU CAN’T’ with that she ran upstairs ‘Okay, I told you coming here and not upstairs but okay just keep yourself calm Niall’ I calmed myself, i need to stop with talking to myself. I swear keeping a 5 year old sister 3 weeks under your wings without any help is hard. Respect for my mom! I walked in Y/n her room when she was taking her clothes off ‘Niall I’m a girl no boys!’ she warned me so I closed my eyes ‘Sorry forgot it Princess, tell me when you’re done!’, ‘Open your eyes!’ she yelled and jumped in her bed ‘Calm down, give Nialler a kiss and close your eyes’ I put the blankets on her when she kissed my cheek. ‘Night night Ni’ I waved and said goodnight. Finally some rest now, I sat on the couch and watched some TV. “//..zzz*..//”  ‘BAM!’ a loud noise woke me up, I fell asleep on the couch ‘What was that?’ I stood up and ran upstairs. I looked in every room but nothing was wrong, ‘Y/N!’ I sighed and walked in her room. When I turned the light on, i saw everywhere toys ‘What is this?’ I raised my voice ‘Nothing?’ she replied innocently and shrugged her shoulders ‘Y/N HORAN BED NOW!’ she watched me a second time and jumped on her bed ‘NO ANGRY, I WANT MISTER FLUFFY, NO NINI!’ tears flew out her eyes and she hold her stuffed animal tight to her chest. ‘If you don’t sleep immediately, I wouldn’t take him.. Kapeesh?’ she nodded ‘A-apeesh!’ she replied and closed her eyes. ‘I’m sorry princess, Ni is not mad anymore, you just need to listen’ she opened her eyes and kissed my cheek ‘Sorry Ni and love you’ I smiled ‘Love you too princess, goodnight’ I turned her light off and went self to bed.

Zayn (2): His Pov* I put Y/n two hours ago in bed but we were sure that she didn’t slept the first hour. With me I meant Perrie and I, Y/n stayed with us for a while.. Why? My parents made a world trip and they didn’t wanted to put all her children with her parents, so I accepted it. Perrie told me that it was a good exercise for later when we would have kids but Y/n was an angel but when it came to sleep time…. She don’t liked it that she couldn’t play anymore and cried for hours, sometimes I was mad at her but Perrie send me then outside to cool off. I’m not an aggressive one but yelling at my little sister was not the right way to do it. ‘It’s way too quiet upstairs, normally she’s still crying, maybe I need to look what’s wrong’ I told my fiancée and stood up. ‘Don’t you dare too wake her up! Maybe it’s better that I’m going look at her’ she said ‘But I want also’ I whined like a kid ‘Follow me? But promise to be quiet!’ she warned me when she took my hand and walked towards the stairs. ‘What’s that?’ I asked her when I heard giggles ‘I think I know why she’s not crying’ Perrie opened the door and saw her playing with a few toys on the floor ‘Y/N MALIK, why are you not asleep’ I raised my voice seeing her playing ‘BOO’ she laughed and held her hands up. Perrie was laughing with her ‘Is she not cute?’ I sighed ‘Babe stop with laughing, this is not good! She would think that it’s normal to not listen at us’ Perrie shushed me ‘C’mon, big bro of her! Don’t be mad at her she’s only two and Hey what did you when you were as old as her? Playing with cars when you needed to sleep?’ she smiled at me. ‘Ugh! Good, but now she need to sleep!’ I shrugged and took Y/n in my arms ‘Sleepy?’ I asked her and she nodded ‘Z!’ she kissed my cheek what made me laugh. ‘C’mon cutie, bed now!’ Perrie and me kissed her forehead and watched her drifted off to dream world.

Harry (4): ‘I’m not going sleep Harreh’ the playfull smirk on your face made him going insane ‘Miss Styles, do you want me to call mommy?’ he took his phone out his pocket and searched your mom’s name. ‘NO! Not mommy!’ he looked at you ‘Oh do you want Gems?’ he hold in a laugh ‘NOOO! I go to bed now!’ he had what he wanted and took you in his arms and brought you upstairs. ‘Go brush your teeth when I take your pajamas’ playful he tap your butt what made you giggle. When he said his goodnights and you showered him with kisses he closed your door expecting that you would fall asleep. Once you didn’t heard any noise you turned your light on ‘Hi teddy!’ you shrieked and placed him next to your two stuffed rabbits and monkey. ‘Who want tea?’ you asked at them but Harry’s voice interrupted your tea party ‘So Y/n what are you doing?’ he lifted one of his eyebrows and crossed his arms on his chest. ‘Hazza, you not asleep?’ you asked him shocked ‘SURPRISE!’ he yelled but you knew he wasn’t so happy. When he took his phone you wailed ‘No call mommy!’ and climbed in your bed ‘look I’m asleep’ you tried but he was fake calling your mom ‘NOOOO HAZZA!’ tears flow down on your cheeks and you ran towards him holding on his leg. ‘Okay, okay.. C’mon off to bed now, promise Hazza you would sleep now?’ you took his hand and pinky promised him. ‘Night, night Hazza’ you kissed his cheek ‘Night sweetheart’ he placed the blankets on you and kissed one more time your forehead before he left your room.

A/N: THANK YOU anon for this request… sorry for any typos

- While i was writing this, i thought about what my parents or family told me when i didn’t wanted to sleep. They told me ‘If you don’t go to sleep now, we’re going to put you outside with the chickens for a WHOLE NIGHT.’ Yup believe it or not i was afraid from chickens :p. Soo now my question is.. What told your parents/family when you were little and you didn’t wanted to sleep? Let me know here -X- Lot of love Charlie