Is this what sequential art is?


I think I should stick to animating.

Anyway, here’s something I made for my friend Medri.

Kassidy is watching Sarah try to watch over a Sisalian kid (Tess)… but those rugrats are like hyperactive geckos. Blink and they’ll disappear. Like leprechauns. Move so fast, you’ll lose track of your spatial position.

Also, apparently Kassidy likes slapstick.

- Libra -

Libra is a gifted and smart sisalian that learned how to use the tools that traders from around the globe had traded for goods and supplies. Her great uncle was responsible for setting up the Network Information Hotline, or the “NIH” for short; a network of communication systems for information gathering and business. Due to her workings with the system, she has learned things, many things. She records all data into her vast library of information, her database, the “ICQPD” Internal Communications and Quality Protection Database. 

With this information she keeps tabs on individuals and communicates with them, often being invasive by transmitting video, audio, or text to any station she can on the planet. She means no harm usually, but she tends to creep people out as she can pop on a sisalian’s television and discuss to them about how they could increase their profits. Though her information is helpful, she needs to work on her social skills.

Kassidy’s dealings with her is a mixture of friendship and rivalry. Libra has seen and knows more about people around the universe than Kassidy, just because of her dealing with the NIH. Kassidy often though if needing assistance will contact her about information of the races she meets. Kassidy finds great pride in finding a race that Libra knows nothing of, and Libra takes full advantage… cataloging it for future use. 


Ownership of Libra is shared with and credited to Oolong.

- Freya -

Freya is an empowered woman that is a representative of the third most powerful family, The Entreya Corporation. She has dedicated her life to servicing Marcus Entreya the II, and learned the way of trade from him, unlike his son, Marcus Entreya the III.  Marcus the III is the most incompetent but charismatic member of the Entreya clan and as he runs the corporation, he depends completely on Freya’s sharp intellect and her cunning. 

As for her relationship with McFoley Enterprises, is at least, seething in rage at the irresponsible Daughter, Kassandra. She spites at her disregard of Kassidy’s lack of respect and care for her position as the 2nd most powerful Quintrader (Assuming that Kassidy wants the position from her father in the first place.) Her ventures to educate Kassidy on her importance for the sake of the Sisalian race as well as to calm her nerves has been to shut down the McFoley processing plant, as well as completely corrupted their database.  Kassidy however wasn’t too foolish and during her travels invested for her father a backup database, stationed on another planet.

Her more indirect ways of spiting Kassidy was to try to shut down The Glistening Pear, owned by Olana and Viez. Due to her need to increase traffic to her trading facility. She eventually purchased the facility, however due to Kassidy’s travels, she enticed more people to visit and became the indirect mascot for the little bar, and with the increased funds, was able to completely re-purchase the rights of ownership to the Bar.  After that incident, Freya began respecting Kassidy for her travels, as it actually made Sisalia a place of travel and commerce again, by being a representative by accident.

She won’t rest though till she ensures that ‘her’ company has risen to the ranks and one day overpowers the McFoley clan.


Ownership of Freya is shared with and credited to Delaney.

- Tessa -

This poor beauty wished to live a lifetime with her beloved husband, Elric. They both stained their skin with the ceremonial beetle ink that dyes their markings purple. This dye lasts for half a year and celebrates their union. She was on top of the world.

As they were about to finally tie the knot in few days, her husband was lost in a smuggling operation. Tessa was heartbroken and broken for many months as she found out the truth. He did this foolish and dangerous act so he could provide for his wife and potential children for years to come. Her heart remained heavy ever since, and she dyes her skin with the same beetle dye with the same patterns to commemorate his loss and remember him.

Sierra is her only known friend after she became a shut-in. She refuses to socialize with Kassidy and her free spirit and her blood ties to the quintraders. She is stern and adamant but she has pure intentions trying to make sure that no harm is done. Sierra went missing for some reason one day, and she had to investigate. When she did she found that Sierra was going on “adventures” with Kassidy: She panicked.

As a field medic, she sometimes follows along with Sierra and Kass, only to make sure her friend is not harmed by the likes of Kassidy. Her training as a field medic took place after her husband passed, She was a nurse at a local hospital before quitting to do in-field medicine. Sierra often called her to treat people that binged on fruit and drink at the Glistening Pear. 

Tessa enjoys her free time by reading a few romance novels and listening to foreign music. She doesn’t show her appreciation for music in public, as she bobs her head and dances in her house to strange music off world. She has this to blame as her Husband was a musician, playing a stringed instrument and they used to just sit together as he played songs for her. She has a wild side that enjoys things like thrash metal and heavy music, and she falls for love songs like nobody’s business. Though she is to shy or prideful to admit that she enjoys any of it, she’s reserved when around others.


Original Design is credited to NanoDarkk 

- Amala - 

This young woman ran into Kassidy during one of her adventures on Sisalia with Medri. Kassidy was being chased down by Teth, though Medri was defending her. Within the chaos and the action, she found herself jotting down notes and drawing their faces and their actions. For, Amala is a Scribe.

She lives her life to write and draw the world around her, it’s her passion, her desires and her mission. However she finds herself unable to leave her home due to family being far too important for her to disappear and pursue her desires. Though when she sees Kassidy and Medri and hears reports of them on the net, she hunts them down with the ferocity unlike any creature has ever seen. She goes into the bars for hours on ends, listening and asking questions  from the two travelers, painting the universe in her pages with her words and illustrations.

- Dei -

A young woman who’s mother is a famous fashion designer on the Sisalian world. Dei however is a girl who prefers simplicity in her life and finds function over fashion more preferable. However her mother ridicules her for her designs and treats her as a competitor. Kassidy has her off-world outfit to thank for the design. Kassidy being a stalker of sorts to Medri Fogmatio, she wished to adopt a similar design to his. Dei idolizes Medri’s outfit and wishes to know whom made it. Medri then reviled it was his daughter, Soli Fogmatio, that created and made the design for him. Dei has found herself occasionally traveling with Kassidy and Medri in hopes to meet Medri’s daughter and learn from her. 

Dei has made many of the outfits for the sisalians shown, as her style has become more and more popular on the world vs her mothers overblown and superficial styles. Her mother, Hali Kai-Abwai, Mistress of Kai Fashion, has become bitter at the competition and will be a petty and sore loser in the war of fashion.