be a bright red rose come bursting the concrete

[prologue: grant ward & rose ward]

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Summary: There’s a reason nobody knows what became of Rose Ward. And when Grant Ward breaks free of SHIELD custody, becoming one of the most hunted men in the country, the team are about to find out exactly what that reason is.

What else are they meant to do when she turns up on their doorstep, injured and desperately seeking refuge?

A/N: This is a present for my big sis Ali/b-isforbombshell​, because I absolutely adore her and I am so, so proud of all that she’s accomplished. Love you heaps!!

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I'll be graduating high school in a little over a month and then going to college in the fall but I don't know what to do with my fucking life because I'm not predominantly talented in any certain area and it makes me feel so useless

thats fine!!! a lot of ppl dont have a “calling” or dont have something theyre spectacular at and tbh i hate the whole “everyones got that one thing theyre amazing at!!!” thing bc in reality a lot of people are average at a lot of things and thats okay!!! like the idea that you have to find the thing youre incredible at just puts so much unnecessary pressure on people and it has to stop tbh

(and after that little sidetrack) the fact that youre going to uni is great though!! and it means that you dont have to decide what you want to do with your life yet! right now just do what youre interested in and focus on that and worry about the rest of your life later - anyone who thinks theyve got their life planned out now probably wont live out that plan once they leave education. most people dont know what they want to do, so dont worry about it!! 

Had an urge to draw a lot of eyes, and then color them. Not a single one turned out like the ones I had in mind, lol. Some of these may end up being incorporated into OCs

i feel like i just grew up 3 years in one day