feknsjkgvkfjsn wwow calm your tits siryami tumblr can’t even handle your feelings ;U; there ain’t no way it’s that good but I SO APPRECIATE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY THOUGHTS OMFG :KJFEA:JMFKMFLKDELKNNG

I love you, man, and we are best bros for life and I am so glad I was able to repay you this time around aklsjfldsjglkfnslg NO SHUT UP IT IS YOU WHO SHOULD BE THANKED ugh wow perfect u say I can’t Hari at all but wjrwolfjlsklgf that is nice to hear lesjdflsjkfdklg thank you thank youu!

I just realised it’s been like forever and a quarter since we last really talked about them so idek if uke!Toda is a thing we’re happening or what

but yeah

 jfllkvmdsfdlmnbljf *hugs*

I’m pretty amused right now. I have all this happy stuff going on in my inbox right now (go follow 99-coulson-costumes wow what a dear) and then right at the bottom is yami’s icon from her last message.

So while I’m all “tralala~ the value of humanity exists in helping each other” I’ve pretty much got this sarcastically smiling Xelloss watching my every move like


u hungry bruh?

…I wish she was on now, she’d probably get a kick out of that. XD

Game’s up for now, going to the friend’s house

so that I can watch more games I mean hey what did you expect

I’ll probably be back, but I’ll have more fandoms to whine about!

If I’m not…. I feel like this year was more phases, disjointed seasons, and it wasn’t the best or the worst and I did some things I wanted to but not all,

and a lot of you I hope understand that you’ve meant something to me this year at one point or another. I hope we can keep that going.