If I’m being honest, I’m not all that fond of follow forevers.

I’m not fond of them for the reason that forever is such a long commitment. I’ve been a part of social media now since 2001, when I opened up a Livejournal account and since then I have seen internet friends come and go. Usually it occurs when one gets a life and leaves the online world for greener pastures or our interests don’t intersect anymore. I wouldn’t write down that I would want you to follow someone forever, because I might not really know them anymore come a few months or years from my post.

Also when I usually see follow forevers it’s just a long list of names. Do you really think I’m going to click on all of those blogs to see what their blog is about and then follow them if I like what I see. I don’t have time for that. Soooo… what I thought I would do is write up a follow if you want and give some reasons why I think you should follow certain them. Sound good? Good.

  • plans422 - Awesome music tastes and she’s my friend, so follow her.
  • honeybeemeadows - Don’t ask where we met (please don’t) just know that she’s a kick-ass feminist who loves Ani and Conor.
  • sirmichaelscott - Good Office gifs
  • introductiontobasics - Community posts and gif maker who fuels my need for Abed x Britta
  • oh-totoro - Miyazaki posts and this blog updates regularly
  • dannypuddings - Community posts/gifs, writer of fanfiction and she also fuels my need for all things Abed x Britta
  • ineffablefestivus - Funny gal, writer of fanfiction, posts SPN and Teen Wolf and I’m not in either of those fandoms, so that should say how much I like her to follow her.
  • megaloo - Drawer of art and fan art. Mostly Sherlock and Elementary fandom, but I recommend you follow even if you don’t care for those shows.
  • annperkins - Follow to be spammed with Aaron Paul goodness
  • classicajays - Very informed snl posts. This guy knows his fandom!
  • vanilledia - Posts mostly relate to video games, but also Doctor Who and multiple other fandoms. Plus she’s my friend!
  • tuesdaytoo - We found each other through the Ani tag and she’s one of the few people on tumblr who responds to my posts.