1. Get your girly hips down from there. You have no right to be that high.

2. Hey, sugar… y’doin okay?

3. Dawn says hey.

4. Sup, darlin?

5. Most comfy of brothers.

6. Who’s this douchebag?

7. Don’t know, don’t care.

8. Rio says, and I quote, “You’re a bitch and I hate you. Kisses!!!!” and sends her kismesis-y love.

9. Me.

sweetenedbeats asked:

I'm still getting that lightcycle. //returns the friendly punch, smiling a bit// Anywhale how've you been?

Excellent, excellent. I look forwward to that lightcycle. Maybe I wwill take it out for a ride. And not return it.

I’vve been excellent, and yourself?

sirlalonde started following you

Hello yet another Lalonde. Have you come to bask in my wondrous glow? Or are you just lonely again?


Oh, aren’t you his father? My apologies. It’s a pleasure to meet you.