I give you the Star on top of my Christmas tree! The medallion of Sirius Amory! It’s the equivalent of having the Seven Stars of Sirius on top! #coheedandcambria #siriusamory #amorywars #oneamongthefence #childofthefence #theafterman

But.. are you going to kill her off?

Its not your decision, 
I love the character, she stays

Yeah, well the only thing’s love done for you is put you in this position; I say kill her off

Yeah, but you say a lot of things, and hows that work? You’re a fucking bicycle 

Coheed and Cambria

                      Ten Speed: Gods Blood and Burial

In the final curtain call
You left me here with the coldest of feelings
Weight, kind, depression
Blessing the floor with the places you’ve stepped in

Will they ever measure up
To the way you left me?
Here by the roadside
The bloodiest cadaver
Marked in your words:
I’m the joke,
I’m the bastard

Here wait, so I guess that you knew
That you’re a selfish little whore
I’m the selfish little whore
If I had my way I’d crush your face in the door

This is no beginning, yeah yeah
This is the final cut, open up
This is no beginning, yeah yeah
This is the final cut, I’m in love

                                    Coheed and Cambria

                               The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut