sirflas replied to your post:How expensive are airbrushes generally? What brand(s) do you recommend? Is there anything to be wary of when buying them? Where can we get them? (sorry for all the questions, I’ve just never used them before but I’d really like to)

Yah Harbor Freight has a airbrush kit, mini compressor and airbrush for $80. It was my first set too. Take the spring out of the airbrush and pull it apart abit then put it back in and it works better than out of box.

PUBLISHING THIS FOR ALL TO SEE thank you so much bb






Look at you with your degree and your no more college

and I’m so proud of you for following your dream.

You’re the scariest mother fucker with your scaring make up on

but just

you’re way too cute how can you be this scary.



sirflas replied to your post: this will probably be my last post for a while unless I can borrow peoples computers

Try ordering a new charger from , that is where i got mine for like $20 with shipping , and yes it works XD And here is a cupon code for 10% off : gogo-power

hahahahaha see the problem was I had no battery power left so I had to close my computer before I saw this.

we look on Amazon but the ones they had where knock offs that all had like shit reviews so we decided to actually buy one from an Apple certified store bummer I didn’t get this before I paid 90$ for one >: 

thanks though Bri.

canadihipster said:

Your sea dweller fins are absolutely fantastic - I apologise if anyone's asked before, but would you mind sharing how you went about making them?

publishing so everyone can see! Thank you for the compliment, but I didn’t do much work on them myself (only the paintjob). My friend Sirflas actually made them, and makes them on commission if anyone is interested! They’re super quality, comfortable, and totally reasonably priced! I’d recommend it to anyone! All you need to do is paint them up and prosaide or spirit gum them to your face and you’re set to go!