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i think calling it genocide is definately putting it in a whole different ballpark ie. akin to the genocides in Germany, Rwanda, Armenia etc. however it is certainly the fault of the british. and they could have stopped the famine easily.

Yeah, I still wouldn’t call it a genocide— I would more so blame the British attitude being one of lackadaisical incompetence then outright pure evil which the word genocide carries a LOT more, honestly.

Though at the same time I just remembered the Holodomor thing in Ukraine and if one was to argue calling teh Famine here something along the Holodomor lines I SUPPOSE I could see the argument there.

though if I recall correctly the Holodomor was a bigger scale and that wasn’t quite incompetence since the Soviet Union was definitely pushing food production in Ukraine far far beyond its capabilities, and I am fairly sure the British tried importing some sort of relief to Ireland but it actually aggravated the blight more.

I am remembering some facts just off the top of my head, so I suppose I should refresh my 1840s stuff

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I was saying it wasn’t on the same level as germany rwanda etc. i meant that by calling it a genocide you put it in the same sort of “category” as that. which would be ridiculous! as those were systematic and wholly intentional killings


but yes yes events in 20th century germany/rwanda/armenia =/= 19th century ireland

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i was agreeing that it isn’t a genocide and yes they did try and help however our stubborn Catholicism did prevent alot of people from benefitting from this, for someone to avail of a soup kitchen they would have to convert to Protestantism and they

ah yeah there was that too.

it’s not really on the same level of Germany/Rwanda/Armenia as you said though where there were literally systematic killings going on.

this seems more like

"oh fuck they’re starving uhhh what about this"

"make them protestants too at the same time!"


i just cannot get out of that inept government mindset sorry fklhg