Here at Siren with by far the chillest PA job I’ve ever had. I’ve been living on that sweet horse shoe bench making sure my lock up is quiet and secure. No trash duties, coffee runs, nada! I’m loving life. They have some fun art displays so I’d thought I’d share.

"It’s a fucking rare epic collab between 3 world class artists of 3 different but related fields. It’s where painted art meets music and meets photography. From NY TO LA." photo @steveerle ROCKSTAR @tonykanal paint #gregorysiff @sirenstudiosla #teaser #brooklyn #la (at Siren Studios, Sunset Blvd.)

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Hot day in Hollywood shooting the amazing @jasminewaltz so much fun love working at @sirenstudiosla for new brand #hotmess shot by @mpkaynephoto #paulakayne @paul_martino thank you team ❤️

I painted my favorite car ever, the @mbusa @mercedesbenz G550 for @theartofelysium who work to make art a catalyst for social change by bringing creativity and inspiration to children, artists and various populations in need. Now I get to drive one. 💎☺️thank you @eric_hildebrand . @chetmehta229 @consilvio !!!@paddle8 @sirenstudiosla #gregorysiff #diamondust #krink #piecesofheaven #artofelysium #tbt #aoe #therealgwagon photo by @chetmehta229 @thecreativecartel (at The Lab, Siren Studios)