Here at Siren with by far the chillest PA job I’ve ever had. I’ve been living on that sweet horse shoe bench making sure my lock up is quiet and secure. No trash duties, coffee runs, nada! I’m loving life. They have some fun art displays so I’d thought I’d share.

I love this photo so much from my boy and #sickycrew member @troyspino capturing #mrsicky (me) snapping pics of @zibbztagram in #Hollywood @sirenstudiosla yesterday. ///////// I am having so much fun picking up my camera again and creating. Shooting for people who trust my vision is what photography is about. Sometimes taking time off from what you love will only make you love it that much more. Yesterday was crazy didn’t sleep a minute last night just thinking how lucky I am. // Special big thanks to @sirenstudiosla for making the day that much better. We will be back soon.