Responsible for PCI Express industrywide standard I/O technical special interest group’s PCI-SIG announcing a few days ago, put out PCI Express ExpressModule norm. The the intersection of PCI Express and norm define can I/O that heat plugs expand the module standard, amplitude enhancement enterprise layer server and reliability and design flexibility of the work station platform that it can be large. It is expected to appear on the market to accord with ExpressModule normal products at the end of 2005.
In PCI-SIG norm, ExpressModule is originally known as ” The server I/O module ” Or ” SIOM” . This new norm has integrated and can create the dominant characteristic for a lot of data centres and environment of an enterprise. ExpressModule offers the canonial server and work station I/O to IT expert and expands the module and manages the interface, at the same time still with similar to non-thermal, plug cost of option, offer integrated heat plug characteristic, the intersection of closing type and chassis and have the intersection of tool and the intersection of person who install and remove and function, can shorten systematic idle hour greatly.
Besides offering ExpressModule norm to member, PCI-SIG has also put out PCI Express 1.1 norm, it is Base, Card Electromechanical and Mini Card Electromechanical normal newer edition. PCI-SIG, through a large amount of newer explanation and improve, upgrade three norm these, industry in to design, experience, incorporate get newer norm jointly last year.
Overall compatible PCI Express 1.0a norm of norm after these are upgraded. PCI-SIG will continue testing they and PCI Express 1.0a normal compatibility, and plan to begin the compatibility testing of PCI Express 1.1 at the end of 2005. PCI-SIG is expected, PCI Express 1.0a compatibility testing be over at the end of 2006.
PCI-SIG president Tony Pierce says: ” Make PCI Express ExpressModule we to ’ it is framed enterprise layer application on the basis of PCI Express expand to last better flexibility and reliability ’ the eye Have marked and stridden forward a great step. We believe, the enhancement characteristic maintained in the operation that ExpressModule I/O module offers, will win the really appreciating of IT manager. ”
PCI-SIG is responsible for popularizing the technological marketing group of PCI Express framework, the technological communication section manager Ramin Neshati says continuously: ” Except that the local heat of ExpressModule plugs the characteristic, the enterprise platform will also benefit from the strong power that this brand-new I/O module will be offered greatly, cooling effect, EMI deal with characteristic, I/O density and characteristic expansibility optimized.
The member can have normal PCI Express 1.1 after following websites download easily PCI Express ExpressModule and upgrades: http://www.pcisig.com/specifications/pciexpress/.
Become PCI-SIG member’s advantage
PCI-SIG member can participate in all PCI normal examination before PCI norm is released publicly. If you are interested to become the member, please visit PCI-SIG websites: www.pcisig.com/membership. PCI-SIG member develops and safeguards PCI Express norm, participates in defining compatible standard, check table and other technology materials actively at the same time.
As the additional overbalanced advantage, PCI-SIG member has the right to win the patent of any other members of this organization to permit, and we essential patent that include declare in the norm. These licences may be only limited to using while implementing special norm, but must use the right for all members with the fair reasonable condition.
PCI-SIG is a special interest group, have and manage and open the canonial PCI norm as the industry. With the development of local I/O demand, PCI-SIG defines and implements the brand-new industrywide standard I/O (I/O) Norm. PC special interest group was established in 1992, developed into the non-commercial organization in 2000, renamed as formally ” PCI-SIG” . Now, more than 900 famous industry companies in the world are its effective member. The director of PCI-SIG holds a post in the following member corporations: AMD, Broadcom, HP, IBM, Intel, LSI Logic, Microsoft, Phoenix Technologies and Texas Instruments. About more information of PCI-SIG and PCI-SIG member’s advantage, please telegraph PCI-SIG: (503) 291-2569 (within the territory of U.S.A.) Or send the fax to (503) 297-1090,You can also visit PCI-SIG websites: http://www.pcisig.com.

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