sinrott said:

You are an amazing, beautiful person. People who tell someone to take their own life, no matter what is happening, don't deserve to even be allowed to be in contact with someone as friendly as you. Never listen to those dickheads, they are shallow, cold hearted, pathetic losers that get off on knowing they are hurting someone. They must have a pretty sad life. You are strong, find your light and fight for it. <3


sinrott replied to your post: I’m not insisting on still doing it around her I’m just saying it doesn’t make any sort of sense to me especially after 4 years

This is the exact same thing with birds. They’ll hide any problems and will only show symptoms when it’s about too late. It’s a natural way of trying to survive in the wild.

Birds are actually worse than snakes because their respiratory systems are even more delicate.

sinrott said: Yes I am the same. : ) There’s still lots of people I follow that I’m too scared to talk to. Eep. We shall be nervous together! And a Tom Hiddleston gif, I approve! ; D

Hahaha yes, me tooooo. Yep, we’ll be stronger in numbers. You can tell I’m getting my nerve up when I comment spam their cute little critters. That’s my plan of approach. Cute babs = nice people? ^__^ Haha I’m glad because that’s really all I want to post as responses/reactions, lately…because, well…