The NYPD is now threatening to sue any protesters who initiate violence. Now I’d understand this if the protester we’re the ones being aggressive but the fact of the matter is; it’s law enforcement who provokes physical force from both sides. What’s already been detailed in many unedited (unlike mainstream’s media political spin) Youtube video’s from the pepper spraying in NY, to the tear gas canister that fractured an Iraq war veterans skull in Oakland, and countless stories across the nation,world. The real entities that run the country (the 1%) are trying to flex they’re power with police force only to have it backfire with social media exposing the truth.

As many would know, most people who protest are part of that 99% who are going through enough tough financial times as it is, so monetary retribution stings way more then imprisonment. The case itself would probably be grounds for dismissal anyway. It’s a deterrent they’re trying to impose on a growing movement since the brutality has given the Mayor and NYPD a bad PR hit.

We have to keep their feet to the fire and keep pushing!

I soon will be taking part!!!

God speed to all the Rebels in NY, the country, and the WORLD.