“Te quiero. Sin pensarlo, sin medida, sin cordura. A todas horas, cuando te enojas, incluso cuando no estás. Te quiero. Sin preguntas, sin lógica, sin cuidado. Te quiero. Tan simple como escribirlo, tan complicado como nosotros.”
— Erika Boté

sinmedida said:

I love your blog and would appreciate a tarot card reading as well. Is it possible to have a healthy no-strings attached romance, with love overcoming the natural feelings of jealousy?

Thank you first of all for considering me for this and also for your kind words. The card drawn for you is the Empress. She is a very strong sign especially considering your question. The fact that she chose to be revealed, says to me that this question is very deep and personal for you, yet the energy of it was strong and easily conveyed to the cards. Beyond being royal in nature, the Empress is love, life and vitality personified. She is Venus, all that she invokes and creates is with nurturing and care. Reflecting on the Empress, she is the one to proclaim “Let Love Rule” and further she will actually live that as the rule and guide of life. Another aspect of her is that she protects that which she loves, just as a loving mother protects her child. She defends that which comes from and are deeply connected to her. A heart-shaped shield is by her side for a reason. She also holds a key for unlocking the heart, wheat representing fertility and a sceptre with a golden globe demonstrating the rulership of love. The Empress speaks of a love that is a force powerful enough to give birth to civilizations, and as such she does not simply share it with anyone. She says the love overcomes, and it so potent that simple romance may not be enough.

I hope this helps provide some insight to your question and thank you for the opportunity to share.

Peace and Blessings.