• Hez:i woke up because natalie was in my room at 9 in the morning and opening my blinds
  • Hez:and so it was super bright in my room
  • Hez:i plot about murdering natalie often
  • Hez:she is
  • Hez:but i also would like her to be gone sometimes
  • Chloe:doesn't she take pics of you when you're sleeping
  • Hez:yes
  • Chloe:how does that make you feel
  • Hez:i don't know how to handle how crazy she is
  • Hez:i love her
  • Hez:but she's crazy
  • Hez:"It was really good lighting!! I couldn't not take the picture!!!"
  • Hez:Living with photo majors 2011

Nah. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is Finals is all and my AP English Final is my research project essay.

Which I’ve done nothing for.

I mean, I’ve done the research but I have no physical evidence or a bibliography or anything. So….. I’m dumb.