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Here’s a clip of Singleside performing our cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” on 06-07-14 at Phase 2 in Lynchburg, VA.  Thanks to our buddy DD Shocker of “WikkidGypsy” for getting this footage for us!!


We occasionally perform some covers along with our own stuff.
And sometimes we perform them with some of our friends.
Witness the Single Eye Bandits (SIngleside+Eyes of Eli+The Handsome Bandits) in their rendition of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” originally by Twisted Sister at one of our favorite venues “Heaven’s Pit” in Stephen’s City, VA!


Singleside performing an all-original song entitled “Broken Kingdom,” earlier this year (February or March 2014) at the one and only Schoolhouse Venue in Madison Heights, VA.


So this is how Singleside gets ready for a show…

(Music video for our song “Carry On” from the album “Moving Forward”)


Hey, ya’ll.  This is Candace of Singleside.  I’m new to Tumblr.  Be gentle.

I found myself drawn to this place by all the fandoms and their many interesting conversations they have (or so I hear) in this site.  So, I thought I might introduce myself and my band to the most toxic yet interesting part of the internet (I mean Tumblr.  Facebook has nothing on you guys, and that should either excite or concern you.  Pick one; I won’t judge…)!

Singleside is a Christian rock band from central Virginia, and we’re a 5-piece group all of different ages and backgrounds.  Anna T., Zeek S., Aaron H., Candace P. (THAT’S ME!), and Aaron B. all came together a few years ago in the name of sharing Jesus and rock n’ roll with the world (I realize that some people can’t see a way to put those two things together, but if you give us a chance and get that stick out of your butt, you might be surprised), and while we’re all Christians and musicians, we’re all into different things.

Some of us are nerds (with love for books, video games, movies, tv shows and the fandoms that adore them), some of us are into history, and some of us have no name for what we are.  LoL

We’re always willing to make new friends and if you’re looking for something to rock out to, whether you’re a person of faith or not, we’d be ecstatic if you’d give our sound a try.  You can learn more about us here, at our Facebook page, on our personal website created by Destiny Universe, our ReverbNation page, or our BandCamp page .  

Should you dare to venture forth toward any of the aforementioned pages, brace yourself for lady vocals, memes, the occasional Scripture reference, something about a Schoolhouse Venue from time to time, and stuff that folks of any age can enjoy.

And we say Hi.


If it’s loud, able to whip it’s hair back and forth, and found it’s way onto a stage with people watching, Singleside wants to be a part of it.

The event these pics were taken from an event that occurred at a place called Phase 2 in Lynchburg, VA.  We’ve been blessed to play there a few times, and can’t wait to do it again.