Sorry about being a total sad sap, but I’ve been feeling lonely all weekend. I hung out with a couple friends, but that only does so much (no offense y'all). I need that one special person and I can’t seem to find said individual. That’s what would make me happy.

On another note, my crush hasn’t texted me in a week. And I sound needy. Maybe I am. But saying that seems rather counter-productive. Hmm.

Okay its been a while since I have given an update on my non-existent dating life lol. Well last weekend was the young adults retreat and I have met possibly a new friend name Jay aka drake because they look alike. Maybe its just me but I think he was flirting with me or just being nice towards me. I cant tell if he was flirting with me because guys dont flirt with me at all. So we’re at the retreat and it was the last night of the retreat and im helping cleaning up and its very late around two in the morning and he’s up with me just because (or I would like to think that) but he was helping the other guys putting the stuff up. But after that was done he still stayed up to see what would happens next and after a game of hangman everybody went to bed. Im not going to lie I am curious to know does he a crush on me but I dont want to ask. Im scurred to know because its been a long time since someone has been interested in me! Is this my adam? Is he awake? I might want my adam to be awake lol but I dont want to get my hopes up if he has a girlfriend or he’s not interested in me. I wrote in my journal the other night that im giving the pen and the pencil back to God when it comes to my love story! But the other night I took a picture of myself and put the location on it, I did it on purpose lol and he left a comment saying “do I work there?” I said “yeah” “I go to that school! What are your hours?” I gave him my hours and he said on Thursdays he would come by and hang with me!! Now im going to start making myself look nice just because lol I already do but he doesn’t know that. We’re both following each other on instagram and im the only person that he added on Facebook to be his friend. Plus this past Tuesday night I seen him at bible study, of course im going to make myself look presentable on Tuesdays, Thursday’s and Sundays because he might come back and visit or maybe even join :-) lol. Its just something about him that im drawn too and im not just relying on looks either which he isn’t bad to look at either but there’s is something about him that I cant figure out.