Silent Siren; “Happy Marry” (Full MV.)

Suu’s husband / groom is actually the Japanese comedian and host, Yahagi Ken. His actual age is 43 years old. In the MV, he is not acting as Suu’s father but her husband instead. In actuality, the band has asked for this arrangement as they’ve liked Yahagi-san since the past.

Suu also reveals that in the MV, during the kiss scene, they’d burst out laughing while doing the take for it. Hinanchu’s tears in the MV were also for real. Suu also says that when getting married, an older partner is good.

For the single’s jacket art and more info, do click HERE.

this is a photography by one of my closest friends alicestift who manages to capture the personality of all the people she photographs like no one else i know

i am happy and i have been for a while now and you can see that.

i owe some of my happiness to inkskinneds writing so i thought it would only be fair to have excerpts of one of my favourite texts by her on this picture as well.


#MyNAMjaTurns22 ♡ 

I would rather see her single and happy, rather than have a boyfriend who will treat her like dirt.

 Mommy Duck, responding to relatives worrying that I will die an old maid.  (I actually had to roughly translate the phrase “may boyfriend nga, barumbado naman” but yeah, that’s pretty much as concise and as accurate as I can get it.)

I love you, Mom. 


“I’m Dating Myself (And So Can You)”  

I’m dropping some self-love realness over on my YouTube channel.  Know what’s awesome?  You.  Celebrate that.