singing my own songs now

#music#happy ref#i donmt know what the song’s about#but it calmed me down after violebtly sobbing#btw#you have an amazing voice

thank you aaah… i didn’t think it would have that strong of an effect, but i’m happy that i could help calm you down!

it’s just a small snippet of the current opening to show by rock!!, it’s supposed to be faster and more energetic, but the main character does a short acoustic cover of it shortly into the episode which is definitely pretty calming

the song has been stuck in my head since saturday, and it’s reaching the point where i’ve started actually singing it, so eheh

  • And I Love Her

I’ve always loved this song, it’s one of my all time favorites, but it’s always been too high for my vocal range. Until i heard the Kurt version of the song, and now i can sing it in my own voice,