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gif request meme: favorite platonic relationship in akatsuki no yona — yona & yoon

❝ I thought that those of the royal family were dishonest and indecent people, but I’ll admit that I was wrong. I said some pretty harsh things when we first met, and I’m sorry. ❞

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Hi! I’m Kristen and I’ve been attempting to submit this thing for about half an hour now because i keep getting sidetracked by this episode of Community. I’m 19 and a loser who laughs at her own jokes.

I dig burritos, cute girls, Joey Tribbiani and getting called ‘babe’.


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The worst part is how the writers validated this extremely toxic/sexist part of the fandom to the point where other fans found it ok to bully us every step of the way, they felt righteous in their behaviour because the writers basically gave them the green light to say “yes these fans are ridiculous, characters like beth don’t mean anything. get over it”.