Singapore Flyer has a height of 165 meters and it is one of the world’s tallest giant observation wheels. It is taller than the London Eye by 30 meters. Surprisingly, Singapore Flyer is not circular in shape it is a polygon with 56 sides.
The best time to take a ride to in the Singapore Flyer is late evening or dusk to get soaked in the beautiful hues of the sky with your loved one with a mesmerizing view of the softly lit towering skyscrapers in Singapore (via Singapore Flyer - A Must See in Singapore - Guiddoo World Travels Pvt Ltd)

Селфи с самым высоким колесом обозрения в Мире!

Высота 165 метров! Полный круг делает за 37 минут!)
28 кабин, в одну кабину смогут поместится 28 человек.
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