Saturday, Sunday

Saturday//11th October 2014

It was my cousin’s big day and so we head out to Marina mandarin for his wedding dinner. Naturally the boyfee suited up and well i wore a slightly more formal dress! 


So because of tons of horrible lighting you can’t really tell what i am wearing. I was actually wearing the h&m fall/winter 2013 collection. I bought the dress last year (clearly) but never really had an opportunity to wear it. This is how the dress looks like off-rack. I found the photo online awhile ago hence i am unable to credit it. 


So a couple of shots with my boyfee and siblings.



As well as photos from the Photo Booth there.



I did not take much photos of the wedding settings. My sister did take pictures of the food though!


For starters we had lobster meat with rock melon and a mayonnaise sauce, spring rolls with i believe fish stuffing?, jellyfish, abalone slices as well as a fried lobster balls.

Then we had shark fin soup, which is a traditional wedding dish till today unfortunately for chinese weddings. The boyfee and i both don’t take shark fin for our own personal reasons so not much comment on that. 

Afterwards we had chicken, followed by what i think was a grouper, then we had fried prawns with wasabi sauce, quite yummy but the sauce was of a weird wasabi color. Next was abalone with chinese vegetable, then peking duck which was a little disappointing to me. Then we had longevity noodles and finally for dessert, we have ice cream with coconut, sago, something else(i can’t remember) and pomelo.

Food was pretty good and had a nice time there! 

Sunday//12th October 2014

On to Sunday, we made a delicious lamb burger for lunch. 


And for dinner, we have plain ol’hummus which i did not take photo of because we’ve had it soo many times already and they pretty much look the same! Do comment if you would like to have the recipes! And thats all folks! 

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Wootz! @mavislilimeizi won second prize! And I won a box of beer!!! Wahahahahaha I so wanted the #PlayStation ;(

With @edzmusic and @aylwinlek at the #Budweiser #MadeForMusic event at #ScarletCity #AMKHub #Singapore!

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A Friday after what seems like years

 Students! You know when it’s friday and after school you have that super ’ shiok ’ feeling! Yeah , today i am fucking high…

    I love my hair so much right now i just can’t wait to get my side cut as soon as possible. Also tried vlogging so many times but i just can’t.

    The camera would stop by itself , either that it’s that the video sucks. I give up on vlogs , at least till i get a new camera. And fucking shit no one wants to sponsor me. Lol

    Everyone pls don;t hate me for this random post. I am too bored right now…

ETA 36hours to go

Meh. Photos of this week (and last) so far. 


Say hi to me and Cheryl. Haha last Friday after hockey session I think. Really into turquoise these few days. Even my new cotton on flip flops are turquoise. 


With Divya


After tues OEP session this week with Nadhrah&Ruth


Notice my brown eyes? Hehe. Freshkon sparkling series in brilliant brown!!


And le happy me in my periwinkle blue kaftan top. ^^v

I feel the need to layer my hair. Anyway lazy to post la ya I wanna sleep. 

Goodnight all :)

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About the facebook post i made

I must be careful of what i post. Turns out that someone sent me a fb message , requesting me to take down the post of the person that doesn’t know how to shit, because it is violating everyone’s rights to privacy and i shouldn’t impose my personal opinion on others. He also stated i was ’ generalizing ’ and the way people shit is their own business , i have no right to interfere with how they wanna shit. Also said i was didn’t need to bring in the parents, etc, etc.

First things first, Did you even read my post? Or are you just trying to brush up your literature with me? Anyway , i think i stated in my post that it is fine shitting in your own unique , local, favourite, dirty style. I just request you all to have a expected level of cleanliness and hygiene level. Also, the amount of social etiquette you are expected to have. I mean, if you get a fucking measly pay and you still have to keep the toilet clean, and yet people shit all over the toilet bowl for you, how would you feel? Or you can’t feel?

You think i am stereotyping and generalizing but i had never said ’ everyone’ in the entire post. And surely you wouldn’t need potty training lessons if you already know how to ’ land your shit’ into the toilet bowl and not onto the floor?

Think about it lah fucker.

Morning ya’all! As per requested, here are additional photos of the #outfit! Yes, the right side front and back has some “design” which is a little sexy/revealing.

Get it at! ♡♡♡

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While walking around at #bugisJunction #Singapore with my #babyboy @edzmusic we saw @zhenggeping gege~~~ ♡♡♡ so shuai~~~!!!

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Can you guess what @edzmusic challenged me to??? Make a guess???

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