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Watercolor on birch panel
A continuation of “Arbor”, a series of which may be seen here


Artist: Library Tapes/David Wenngren 
Album: Sun Peeking Through
Date: 2012
9. Parlour (Variation II)
10. Variation I



My Niece Rachel practicing her long jump on Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan.

The beach is just a small part of the sandy shoreline in this area and right next to Mount Baldhead, which was a climb I didn’t care to make. Also, somewhere nearby, in the ever shifting dunes is the remains of Singapore Michigan. Singapore was one of the first voting communities in Michigan I believe, they printed their own bonds and their banks were involved in a scandal. There was a huge fire which destroyed the surrounding trees, without the trees there was nothing to stop the dunes from eroding the buildings and eventually covering the entire city! You can read about it on