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BIGBANG (sans Seungri) - RazorTV Interview (Part 1/3) [ENG SUBBED]!

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The Spin Doktor

The Spin Doktor is IN the house.


"We grew up in the kampong. There were six kids in my family. When I was 13, my father said he couldn’t afford to send us all to school. He said ‘So if you want to go to school, you must come help me in the cinema.’ My father worked in the Cinema. So my first brother’s job was to tear the ticket when people went in. My second brother worked the projector. Then he put me in front of two record players and said, ‘your job is to spin.’ So for half an hour before the show started, my job was to play music - to be DJ. Then he would give me my pocket money.

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"We live in the neighbourhood and walk by here all the time. So when we heard Uncle Lim wanted to give up the shop and retire, we jumped at the chance. This provision shop is over 50 years old. It’s very tricky running a cafe in this old space because the power to the unit is about half what it is in new places. We have 30 amperes to run the entire cafe and the espresso machine alone takes up 20! So we had to modify a lot of our appliances to make it all work.

Of course when we moved in, we knew the space would eventually be torn down. But we thought we would still have 15-20 years. Then one month after opening, we heard the news that the Dakota Estate would be closed down in 2016. What to do? We’re still hopeful that the schedule will get set back and we’ll have a bit more time. It is the realisation of a dream to run this cafe.”

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