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SCANDAL; Interview with Teenage magazine (Singapore)

On stage, these ladies can wield a guitar better than a modern-age samurai. Off stage, they’re no more than just a group of humble, music-lovin’ girls who genuinely enjoy what they do. In town for their world tour, SCANDAL takes on a round of wordplay based off their Hello World album track list. Read on for their adorable quips!

IMAGE – Which member is the most different from their on-stage personas?

  • All: Haruna!

  • Tomomi: Haruna is our lead vocal, so we’d all expect her to act cool on stage. But in actual fact… she’s the type of person who’d like teddy bears. (Laughs)

YOUR SONG – If you could choose any song in the world to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

  • Mami: Foo Fighters’ ‘Bridge Burning’. Life would be rather different if I’ve never heard of this song. I like composing, and this track gives me a direction on how I create my music.

  • Haruna: Earth and Fire’s ‘September’. This song stuck with me since middle school. It all started when I saw them live at the Summer Sonic Festival and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind ever since.

  • Rina: Taylor Swift’s ‘Welcome To New York’. Since we’re of the same age, it amazes me how Taylor Swift can have so many fans and hold so much influence all around the globe. I’m greatly motivated [by her].

  • Tomomi: Carole King’s ‘So Far Away’. I first heard it during dance class when it was used as one of the practice tracks. Similar to Mami, listening to this song influences how I actually compose my music.

LOVE IN ACTION – Which member’s the most likely to confess her feelings to the guy she likes first?

  • Haruna: Definitely not Mami or Tomi! (Laughs) Rina and I are a little clumsy, so even if we don’t express our emotions explicitly, the guy would probably have guessed it!

RUNNERS HIGH – If you could run away from your current life for one day, where would you go and what would you do?

  • Tomomi: My childhood dream was to be an architect, so I’d want to live in a place where I personally designed.

GRADUATION – From an indie high school band to becoming one of the most popular J-rock acts, what do you feel has changed since graduating from high school?

  • Mami: Probably our hair colour. (Laughs) We’ve always had long, black tresses in school and have never dyed our hair before. But the timing was nice – our hairstyles switched up quite a bit as we transition into adulthood, and now we’ve become a successful band!

Original article is HERE.

Lemon Iced Tea/Iced Lemon Tea

I’ve been drinking a lot of cold drinks in warm Singapore. As well as iced coffee, there has been some serious iced tea consumption. Even after a year, the ordering process is the same almost every time:

Me: One lemon iced tea please

Lady at Kopitam: Iced lemon tea ar?

Me: Um, yes

English can stack multiple adjectives in a noun phrase. Here, the different order appears to reflect different ideas about what item is being modified. I think of iced tea as a beverage, and lemon is an additional flavour modifier:

[lemon [iced tea]]

In Singapore, it appears that they think of lemon tea as the basic beverage, and iced is a serving modification in analogy to iced coffee:

[iced [lemon tea]]

I still get my lemon iced tea (or iced lemon tea) every time, and I get a chance to ponder the roles of adjectives in English noun phrases

Photo of the Day: A Lotus Flower in Singapore

A lone lotus flower peeks through green lily pads in Singapore on April 18, 2015. (Mark Meng/Flickr)

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If we workout to eat, and eat to live.
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HEY taylorswift IF YOU EVER HIKE IN SINGAPORE, this is the place. We walked in the middle of nowhere for like 15 minutes and suddenly we reached what seemed like a promise land! An open space that is super super peaceful! I think you’ll love it here! It’s called the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve!

I’ll be more than happy to be your guide! ;)


Up Dharma Down - “All The Good Things” - Official Video

We travelled to Singapore in search of inspiration for our latest single, “All the Good Things.”

With the sun setting on Marina Barrage, a stroll along Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge, and the colorful boutiques of Haji Lane, we discovered experiences that inspired us – and created a music video of these memories to share with you.

To find out about all the other good things that inspired us in Singapore, visit now.

Song is also available for download on our website

Walking out and in the clear / Taking in the orange sunrise
Heading that way south of east / Living all my dreams tonight
Riding out into the sunset / Treading this road head up high
Looking way too far ahead and it’s all right / Diving down one whole city deep
Run into your arms wide open / Pulse is racing I can’t sleep
A way of life by chasing moments

New to all the good things, good things / I am new to all good things, good things
Loving new and all the new things, new things
Loving new and all the new things, new things

No one ever got the right thing wrong / Taking all the view from where I stand
You are everything I want to learn and more / This is one of them good things I want to last
Moving ahead is easy / Take my hand, spread your wings free
Wait no more, just don’t ask me why / It’s about that time it hurt no one to try
Finally lost my fear of heights


Are we good with all the new things, new things / am new to all good things, good things
Loving you and all the new things, new things
Loving new and all the new things, new things


The World’s 25 Most Competitive Countries

In the global race to remain competitive, the U.S. emerges as the strongest contender. Each year, countries are evaluated against a host of criteria, including economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency and infrastructure. At the top of the list for the second consecutive year is the United States, which earns its place at the the head of the line through robust business efficiency, a strong financial sector, innovation and efficient infrastructure.