So this edition of Andy’s Tumblr Crushes, we have a variety of beautiful women of God, with the lone exception of the ever studly Abe <3

godgavemehissongtosing asked:

I'm just throwing out some random colors, I don't know which is which :P Blue, purple, green

Heyy there, girl! :)

hahaha okidokie.

Blue- 9 facts about my family: 

1. They are completely, utterly insane. 2. They enjoy embarrassing me. 3. My sister finds pleasure in waiting outside the bathroom door and scaring me when I come out.  4. My dad has a great singing voice. 5. When we go through drive-thrus, my Dad purposefully talks in a weird voice to the employee at the window. 6. I have an adorable niece and nephew. 7. My mom and dad won’t buy me a pet goat. :( 8. They can be uber annoying. 9. But…I still love them.

Purple- 10 facts about my room:

1. The walls are painted bright yellow. 2. The color makes me happy. 3. It is rather messy. 4. I try to keep it clean, but I never do well in succeeding. 5. My closet is stuffed with clothes and shoes…but can never seem to find anything to wear. 6. I have tons of pictures of me and my friends everywhere. 7. I have a zebra striped book shelf I painted myself. 8. I have a big bed. 9. I have a big pink rug. 10. It is filled with nice smelling candles. :)

Green- 8 facts about my body:

Well…. 1. I have very pale skin. 2. I have bluish-green eyes. 3. I have ten toes. 4. My toenails and fingernails are painted blue at the moment. 5. I have a scar on my finger where I cut myself washing dishes once. haha 6. I have two ears. 7. I have one nose. 8. This body is a temple of the Lord, it is not my own. :) 


singanewsongtohim replied to your post: My singing voice sounds best when I’m taking a shower.

Because the acoustics are great in bathrooms, so your voice sounds fuller and better automatically :) That’s why I always record myself singing in the bathroom or my brothers room (big room with wood floors).

Oh my gosh. Neat!!

Thank you very much. :D 

My question has been answered. 

I just thought it was magic or something. :) haha