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Hii guys I decided to make one of those little fun follow forever thingys because they’re so cute and I’m in a Christmas mood and just love and puppies and love. So here we go, here are some fab people that you should definitely follow. Bolded are the ones I reblog from the most. (:

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I'm doing a Follow Saturday. I don't know why, just go with it.

These blogs are amazing. <3

The Fitz to my Jenna. 

The KC to my Clare.

The Eli to my Fitz.

The Imogen to my Fitz.

The Bianca to my Drew.

The Sadie to my Clare.

They’re the people I make shitty hearts for, when I’m sick and semi-hung over. Go creep them. <3

These are just some of the blogs on my crush list, people I always reblog and a few whom I’ve talked to.










And these are a few Degrassi RolePlaying Blogs that you guys should definitely check out.



If you’re not on here, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how long this would take to make. And I obviously didn’t spend a lot of time making a pretty graphic. Next week’s shall be better. 

My first follow friday.

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The Various RP’s I’m Fascinated By:

The Time is Now RP

SimplyGold RP

Whatever It Takes RPG

Degrassi Daily RP

Damn Degrassi RP

In The Moment RP

Katie | Fiona

Drew | Bianca

Katie | Eli

anonymous asked:

How did you manage to become friends with the cast?

Friends is a relatively loose term. There’s a point where you go to sooooo many events, where the cast just knows who you are and are cool with you.