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What kind of girl do you see jungkook jhope and jimin dating sincr they are my top 3 biases and there is a chance of dating your bias right? Even though I know it's like 0.0000001% chance but still :-)

Jungkook: "Someone who is at least 168 cm, but shorter than him; would be a good wife; good at cooking; smart; has pretty legs; is nice."

  • older
  • mature, but can be a bit goofy at times
  • fit, but still slim
  • likes to just sit at home and read
  • patient
  • motherly
  • caring / thoughtful
  • more on the introverted side
  • feminine

J-hope: "Someone who will only love him, who is good at cooking & who will think about him a lot."

  • I don’t think age would be too big of an issue with him; I could see him going older, younger, or his own age
  • goofy / fun-loving
  • athletic & maybe likes to dance
  • mainly extroverted, but occasionally introverted
  • good at cooking
  • feminine, but with a bit of a tomboy side

Jimin: "Someone who is nice, cute, and smaller than he is."

  • I can see him leaning more towards younger girls once he is older, but I don’t see him going over five years younger
  • a bit goofy, but in a cute way
  • dances
  • I can see him liking a clutzy girl
  • I see him preferring slimmer girls, but I can also see him liking a girl who is slightly chubby (I feel like he would think chubby cheeks are cute)
  • mainly introverted / shy
  • good at cooking
  • feminine

sincerity melts me so much… sincre defensienvess it’s so sweet i could cry oh it’s so late goodnight i always forget that i have boobs and hten there they are…

I have sincrely enjoyed watching this artist grow over the last few years I’ve known her. Please enjoy this look by the amazing @facebyemily “My look from Monday! I used Dark Heart Designs shadows and glitter for this.
Lid and under eye: Sirens Song with mermaid scales glitter is what I call it, since it has no name
crease: Audrey and heartkiller
inner eye: The Mayor
brow bone: matte white from my Mehron pallet
#mehron #Darkheartdesigns #darkheartdoll #muastars1 #vegas_nay #makeupstarzzz #makeupshoutout1 #Glitterbomb #glitterlook”

Ok. Sincr there had been hate in the Midosuji tag, I’d like to say a few things about Akira.

I do not like Midosuji because of his sad background. I felt for him, and since I like the character. The episode was one of my favorites since the straight line demon episode.

Now, looking at Midosuji from a psychological stand point, almost all of his actions that he committed in his races where caused because of the trauma he suffered from hearing his mother’s heart stop beating right before him. That did not just only scar him, but after his mother died his view on victory became warped. His mother said that he was her little winner, so after she was gone winning was the only way Akira could remember his mother. He was willing ro do anything to win, just to make his deceased mother proud of her athlete son.

Now. Does this excuse him for everything he has done? No it does not. Just because all of this happened to Midosuji, does not mean it was right of him to make Imaizumi lose the race, try and trap Onoda in the pack, Make Shinkai remember one of the worst moments of his life and not let him pass on the left, and leave his own team members behind just to freak out Hakone academy. Midosuji’s new warped sense of victory means he’ll do anything to win, whether or not it’s right or wrong.

So please. Tag your hate properly, and for others, just because he has a sad past, it doesn’t make it ok for what he did.

this show tho...

sometimes i watch reign and i just sit back in AWE of meagan fellows swooping in and chewing scenery with some damn good writing to back her up.

makes me wonder what cersei would’ve been like—-what ANY of the female characters in game of thrones would’ve been like if the writers had even a shred of respect for them like the writers of reign do for their female characters.

while the lola drama is as expected as the dropped love triangle from season 1 i DO appreciate the emphasis on political powers mary and her girls wield through marriage, companionship, and shrewd observation. the women MATTER in reign—-they really do—-and i love that. 

i sincrely hope those spoiler rumors arent true…i would HATE for reign to go down that path…


   She keeps the smile on her face, trying to appear
   sincre as she gives the man another bow. She’s
   not caught often, if at all. Despite that, skipping
   class is still skipping class.

   Her home is close, close enough she can almost
   see it and she would have breathed a sigh of relief.
   However, the gods did not favor her today as the man
   before her, with the police no doubt, had saw her.

   "I really wasn’t feel well, so they let me go home early.
   I swear, my house is right over there.” 

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5, 6, 7, 12, 14, 15, 16, 23, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 43, 45, 55, 67, 73, 75, 76, 96, 97, I expect all of these to be answered in heavy detail in MLA format unless they're private/weird because I honestly didn't look too hard at them

5. quite honestly all of the colors are good when used right
6. 8
7. a border collie pup, Lily
12. I vaguely remember something about me driving a toy-sized tonka truck through town.
14. Nah, I dont think so.
15. >favorites
16. >implying
23. nupe
34. negative
35. in gym class, yes
36. shenanigans
37. fuck
38. approx. 28 hours
43. I dont do accents ever sincr that one incident where I did a really, reeallly bad one
45. scottish
55. top lel, lmao, heph, oops,
67. yes but im not doing that in this post to save time
73. not unless their making a mistake with my stuff, probably not
75. I don think so
76. not really
96. I was given it at birth, bible name
if you mean my internet name its just a cool sounding name I used for a personalike character thing
97. nope, but I feel like somebody is trying to make a zoshi joke here

In Defense of Blusami and Kyoudai || Zeni || RE: Beau

The banker adjusted his monocle once again. No, that was not at square one. Far from that. It was becoming clear and clear for Zeni the position that Beau was putting herself in. She was getting more and more defensive,  trying to find desperately meanings to things they have already discussed. 

{¥} “Look, I have indeed said harsh words to Usami the Analyst in the beginning of all this, but, like Kazumi made me realize, this woman is only trying to help us in the best way she can. She is likely the last person here to commit a murder.”

Zeni took a breath. It is more than time to end all this at once.

{¥} “That lead us back to our two main suspects, Kyoichi and Beau. Your point of knowing of not having done that is pretty irrelevant, sincr Kyo can say this as well. The crime didn’t have any witness, so it’s hard to tell who is lying or who is telling the truth. Our words alone can’t make it. So don’t come and say “I haven’t do this because  I know I didn’t”. That is not a valid argument for a trial that, like you said, anyone of us can be the culprit. The note could have been written by Suzu herself? Most likely not, since the culprit wouldn’t have cried over it. Rather, what reasons could she had to ask for pardon? That wasn’t written by her.”

I puked at 1. And ive been up sincr from feeling nauseous still….looks like no work for me again tomorrow hopefully with a little more sleep ill he okay simce the puking has slowed down.


Well I recently reconnected with someone who was very close to me a few years ago. This girl and I lived together for a while and I considered her family. We had a huge falling out probably 4 years ago and in the last few weeks shr added me on facebook. When we stopped talking it was almost like a break up because she had been such a huge part pf my life for over a year. Now I feel weird because even though she obviously wants to have some sort of connection sincr she added me to facebook again and we have talked about a catch up cup of tea as we are both pregnant, I dont want to push it or bug her but I just want to catch up as so much has happened since we “broke up.”

What do you think? Should I casually talk to her and set up a coffee date or just leave it. This feel like it could almost be about a man lol.

I don’t think I’ve liked anyone since him. And you’re the only one that I actually get angry about, care about, or even think about for that matter. No one has made me feel like this sincr him, until you came into my life. I hate the way things are now, but I know you just want to hide it. For some reason, you’re scared. I don’t know why but you don’t have to be. Have I not shown you that I am worthy enough to trust? Just damn. I want you to realize that there’s no one that gives me the same feeling as you do. No one since my first has given me this feeling of everything all at once, the bad, the good. All I want is you. I fucking crave you. I’m right here in front of you, just grab me and own me.