These are just two of the things I bought on my recent shopping trip. Abercrombie had a 50% off the lowest price sale and these are the things I snagged; pajama shorts and a really comfy beanie. I might post a picture of the other things I bought sometime this week. Classes were cancelled today, so it was another chill day at the dorms. I’m hoping classes are cancelled again tomorrow. I’m planning on going to the gym in the morning, so I should probably get to bed. Hope everyone had a great day.

Last night was a lot of fun. My friend Taylor turned 21 on Tuesday, but we celebrated it by going out yesterday night. She rode the bull at Gaslight, smoked hookah at Bernie’s and danced the night away at Jaxx. I told her she could make out with guys, but she couldn’t bring anyone home. Needless to say, she did make out with two guys, but she did come home safely, haha. It’s round three for me tonight. Going out to watch the Rocky Horror Show at Myrna’s for my coworkers 22nd birthday bash. It’ll be fun, but I’m definitely not going to get drunk tonight. I’ve had enough of alcohol for the week. Anyways, in other news, I bought a new SD card and will be taking more pictures with my DSLR. I’ve been slacking, and my camera’s just been sitting in my closet this whole time. I’m about to jump in the shower and do something productive before tonight’s festivities.



Pictures of some of the things I did this past weekend. It was eventful and a lot of fun. The first picture was taken Friday at the State Fair. My coworkers and I were enjoying a cold beer before the 3 Doors Down concert. The second picture was taken at the Farm Exhibit. This cute little goat was trying to say hello! The third picture was taken at the fair during a different day. It was girls day, and boy did I spend a lot of money that day at the fair. The fourth picture was taken Monday with my friend Leslie. We got sushi, roamed downtown Anchorage and then had ice cream at Cold Stone. The last picture was taken Tuesday. I was helping my friend Russell look for a mattress. Haha 

It’ll be January soon and wow. Boy has this year gone by. Looking back I really don’t know where this year has gone. There are things that make me sad when I reminisce about this past year, but there are parts that make me smile and that trumps out all the bad things that have happened. I’m just ready to start a new year. I’ll be twenty-one on January 17th and I’m pretty excited. I’ll be graduating in May and then starting Grad school. It’s insane! I’m still so unsure about a lot of things, but that’s nothing new. I guess no one ever really knows what they want… I doubt I’m the only one confused and scared about the future.