Wasn’t feeling 100% today. So I took a pic with Mama Dog (my stuffed dog I’ve had for most of my 18 years) since she’s comforting me right now.

He/Him pronouns, you can check me out on itsapun if you want. No mandatory things.

I just want to tell all the other people posting today that you’re fab and have a happy TDoV. Today is our day.


“Cosette, in her seclusion, like Marius in his, was all ready to take fire. Destiny, with its mysterious and fatal patience, was slowly bringing these two beings near each other, fully charged and all languishing with the stormy electricities of passion,—these two souls which held love as two clouds hold lightning, and which were to meet and mingle in a glance like clouds in a flash. The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only. The rest is only the rest, and comes afterwards. Nothing is more real than these great shocks which two souls give each other in exchanging this spark. At that particular moment when Cosette unconsciously looked with this glance which so affected Marius, Marius had no suspicion that he also had a glance which affected Cosette.”

Victor Hugo, Les Miserables


What exactly are they feeding idols?

part 1 - part 2


We’re all Ghosts to You

This is one of my favorite scenes on Doctor Who because it describes so perfectly the Doctor’s relationship with humanity.  He lives in no time and all time at the same time.  

In a way, everyone really is a ghost to him.  It’s almost a perfect description — anyone can be dead or alive to him at any moment.  He can whisk a young woman off to another time where her body has long been buried six feet under the ground.

Clara is dead according to the calendar, but also alive and standing next to him.  Rose Tyler is trapped in another world, but he can go help her with her homework.  He can witness River’s Song’s death not knowing who she is and still fall in love with her and marry her later.

Life, death, and time are completely tied together in a linear fashion to us,  but they aren’t to The Doctor.

And so he can treat the end of the Earth like simply another day while it brings Clara to tears. To him, the end of anything is always there.  It can always be known and even experienced, but he can usually go back to the middle. The end of Earth is certainly such a case. The end of a world is simply another time to visit. He’s even already seen this moment from a different angle.  As much as The Doctor loves humanity, he is not human and Earth is not his home.

But to Clara, the end of Earth is a far off and terrifying concept.  Even when introduced to all of time and space, Earth is her home.  It’s everything that means anything to her.  Endings are so very final and, like Rose Tyler before her and nearly anyone born and raised on Earth, she would not have the perspective handle the witnessing inevitability of the end of her world without it deeply effecting her. 

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Sunako Kirishiki - Shiki Ep 04

I think death is equally terrible for everyone. Young people, old people, the good, the bad, it’s always the same. It’s rather fair in it’s treatment. There’s no such thing as a particularly terrible death, and that’s why it’s frightening. Your behavior and age, your personality. Your wealth, beauty, your personal beliefs. All the things that add up to make us who we are: they only matter while we’re alive. Death makes every last one of them null and void, so any death is terrible.

Voice Actor: Cherami Leigh


Sciles through the seasons - the pilot


An arrangement. Someone he just had to meet. A mind keen as his own and in a mortal, to boot. All the words of a man he had sworn to never trust again, and yet there Loki sat, fingers drumming on the table, bored out of his skull and vastly unimpressed with the length of time he had been kept waiting. He would have walked out had it not been for that idiotic blond perched with the archer across the street, grinning like a fool while the agent leered at him through tinted glasses. Probationary period. What rubbish. The first screw up and they would have him in irons, haul him right back to Asgard.

The device set atop the table buzzed, a message appearing on the screen which caused Loki to roll his eyes in an exaggerated manner.

r u excited? :]

Another roll of hardened eyes, the phone tucked into a pocket. That damned oaf. There was nothing exciting about this.

So I’m 2 away from 200 followers.

I’ve had this blog since I was a freshman in college (so roughly 7 years?) and jumped from 40 to 200 in almost a month - after posting my first meta. You guys are the best. And a big thanks to cityofolicity cause I feel like she’s the reason most of you are here <3 

Anything you’d like to see from me when I cross that next hundred? Leave me some ideas! :)


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did something happen regarding phan? Why would people spam the liveshow even more then usual?? Sorry I left the phandom a while ago so I have no idea what's going on most of the time but I still like to check in on d and p and make sure they're doing okay!!

not really! younow wasn’t working on tuesday when dan usually does his liveshow so he said he’d gatecrash phil’s and everyone’s freaking out about it a little bit bc it’s been ages since they’ve properly done a liveshow together


I just wanna give a shout out to brittaniesworld she and I have been through more shit than most people should have. We’ve been best of friends since 6th grade and she has had my back more times than I can count and I swear none of you will have that mutual bond that I have with her. I know she would more bullets than 50 cent for me and still in her last breathes kill them for me. I miss her. Mind you she brought to Oregon and gave me these amazing friends I have now that I wouldn’t trade for the world but damn do I miss my sister.

Assorted Malware 23 headcanons (because negaben needed some cheering up)

  • Since Ben 23 is so short/skinny/doesn’t feel like walking sometimes and definitely can get people to carry him, he often requests Malware carry him on his shoulders. Malware obliges.
  • Albedo 23 tries to take the Omnitrix from Ben at some point when he’s most vulnerable, but is stopped by Malware, who insists Ben is a hero and really now we’re both very well acquainted with Azmuth if I trust hisjudgement and I live with the kid still despite all the stupid things he does shouldn’t you do the same?
  • Azmuth 23 eventually comes to see both Ben and Malware 23 as his ‘sons’, so to speak.
  • Malware 23 becomes Ben’s shoulder to cry on whenever he has emotional breakdowns, same as vice versa.
  • Malware, at least once, is kidnapped and put into a (TFA) Human Error/ (OS) Perfect Day style simulation, where he gets to be human in a dream while some evil scientist attempts to reprogram him or something in the real world. His dream self probably looks like a younger Corey Burton (around when he did Shockwave’s voice for the first time maybe?)
  • Malware 23 is overjoyed to meet Retaliator and the two quickly develop a special bond and become as close as Ben and Max did (plus they’re also technically grandfather and grandson) and whoops Ben you now have an alien grandfather deal with it 
  • Malware 23 being given a bowtie as part of one of his hipster nerd outfits and not knowing where to put it so he just goes around with a bowtie on his head for a few days until Ben 23 finally notices and shows him the correct way to wear it.
  • Malware 23 loves Ben 23′s alien names and legitimately thinks they’re really clever and funny.
  • The family tree of Ben 23′s kid/kids includes not only Ben’s parents and human extended family, but also some adopted alien ‘relatives’ including ‘Uncle’ Malware, ‘Grandpa’ Azmuth, and ‘Uncle’ Tetrax.
  • Ben 23,000 eventually throws a huge party in honor of Malware’s 20th year on Earth. (or some other kind of celebration, basically it’s to thank Malware for all the things he’d done for Ben over the years) Ben and Azmuth 23 both give incredibly nice speeches and Malware ends up an emotional mess but declares it the best day of his life.
  • Malware eventually takes Ben 23 on the road trip Grandpa Max would’ve taken him on.

Since the start of 2014, I have been floored by a handful of albums – and most of those albums have been from bands I had never listened to before. They’re typically lesser-known bands, though some of them have been/will be getting a lot of new fans. If you pay attention to anything I post, you’ve probably seen me talking about these albums quite a bit; however, just in case you missed out on one or two of these incredible releases, here they are again.

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Send me a character and I'll tell you:
[Edward Nygma a.k.a. The Riddler]

Their blog url: Wizard101 (if already taken he’ll settle for: Ginger-snap-crack-pop)
○ The kind of posts they reblog: Any posts about him (good or bad). Most of the time he’ll be the one making posts abouot how amazing he is or how dumb Joker is. It depends on his mood.
○ The first person they followed: That ”Riddler-lover-4lyfe” because you gotta start somewhere
○ What kind of theme they’d have: His theme would be simplest and modern, with a lot of interactive things (like feeble fish, special cursors, random bubbles on the screen) because he gets bored quickly and they’re easy to code.
○ What kind of text posts they make at 2am: “Why do question mark ties even cost so much? Besides the (extremely handsome) Riddler, who would buy them? Who decided it was a good idea to jack the price up on those ties when they’d only have one real customer? “

So! This weekend is Anime Boston and I was wondering if any of my followers are going o v o

I’ll be there on Friday and only Friday from 8 AM (basically when doors open) until sometime in the afternoon. Throughout the morning you’ll most likely find me in the merchandise area and later on, I can probably be found in the artists’ alley. 

I’ll be with da—irking—one and thespeckledcows so come say hi and chill with us

I’ll also be cosplaying/dressed as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service and my name badge is “Lynne” 


So in my English class, we have to interview someone we don’t know and they can’t go to my school. I figured since I don’t technically know most of you, I could interview one of my followers.

If you’re ok with being asked questions about books, writing, language, and other literacy things please send me a message! I need to have a rough draft done by Friday.

Also, you have to be comfortable with giving out semi-personal information (things like name, age, city/state/country you live in). It would make things so much easier if I can talk to someone online (via tumblr or email) because in-person interviews make me anxious, plus I think it’d be great to get to know my followers.

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top 5 most important people to you?

Tommy — I really wish I could be there for your stupid game. I’m proud of you, okay?
Julius — My parents asked about you the other day. We haven’t actually talked yet since I got here? Wtf. I’m eating your weed brownie.
Grant — You’re a poo poo head, but you’re a friend. And you give me alcohol.
Mom and dad count as one — I fucking miss you guys. Even though I love you a ton, Aunt Jackie.
And Parker. Obviously.

Tay, maybe since you’re locked in the kitchen cabinet today you’ll have a better chance of seeing this! You are the most beautiful and inspirational women on this planet, I swear. I can’t wait to someday meet you.

Now I’ve been asking you for a couple of days but I doubt you’ve seen them. Tomorrow I’m going to Universal Studios in Orlando and want you to come too!! I am not sure if you can because of security reasons or because you’re busy. but hey, I figured it was worth a shot!!