I’ll be alright. 

I’ve dealt with this before. 

@ Motorpoint Arena Cardiff | 01/11/2011


KNB countdown - 3 days left

キセキの世代 (Kiseki no Sedai)

"Teikou Junior High Basketball Club - an incredibly strong team with over a hundred club members and consecutive championship wins - even within that club, a group of five prodigies stood above the rest. Five players with talents that you would see once every ten years called the Generation of Miracles. However, there was a strange rumour of another member recognized by those five… A phantom sixth man."


[11.06] Happy Birthday Kris!

Thank you for being such a sweet heart to your fans, for treating the airport like your runway, for walking out of an anime, for being the biggest dork, for being EXO’s best lead singer and dancer (??), for your most wonderful artistic creations, have a great birthday!

喜欢你怎么办 吴亦凡生日快乐!


Exactly one year ago today I saw ATL live. Seeing them again in a week. I’m happy.


Seasons may change, winter to spring…
But I love you until the end of time.


Did you guys know? If you share a drink, you can become brothers. We may not be on the same ship when we become pirates, but this will bind us together as brothers! No matter where we are or what we do, nothing can break this bond…!! From today on, we’re brothers!" - Ace

dedicated to bettina, happy birthday!!<3